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Cervical erosions

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OhTheDrama Thu 17-Jul-14 17:55:48

I have had dark brown bleeding pretty much since I found at I was pregnant. Not good for my nerves as I suffer from recurrent miscarriage, lost a baby at 12 weeks in May. So I went back today as the brown discharge is starting to get heavier, I'm 9 weeks. The MW scanned me and all was well with baby who has a good heartbeat and measuring bang on for dates. She then told me that it was just cervical erosions causing the problem and it was nothing to worry about.

This is DC3 and I've never had this before. Has anyone else had this, is it indeed harmless? Should I expect this to go on for the rest of my pregnancy?

Pegglebot Thu 17-Jul-14 19:21:01

Did she examine you to diagnose that? I only ask as I've had it before (when pregnant and when on the pill) and had to have an internal exam so the doc could see. If that is what it is then it defiantly harmless, for me with Dc2 it was spotting after sex and didn't happen past 12 weeks. I've also had some light brown spotting this time but it has gone away now at 11 weeks.

OhTheDrama Thu 17-Jul-14 19:57:52

No I wasn't given an internal. She was scanning me and looking intently at the screen as she said it. I take it you can't just diagnose it from a scan then?

FlipFlopWaddle Thu 17-Jul-14 20:01:50

It wouldn't show on a scan at all - it's only diagnosed by an interval examination.

I had it during both of my successful pregnancies - I bled on and off until 12 weeks with dd1 and it stopped earlier with dd2 initially but then I had another episode at 22 weeks. I've also had a mc and it didn't get triggered by that at all if it makes you feel better smile

shakemysilliesout Thu 17-Jul-14 20:03:51

I've had this after sex and just generally- at 23 weeks I had an internal exam. No scan. Said everything was fine. Mine was brown and when I wiped, rather than dipping in a pad. I get it once a week or so. I am
Not concerned but that's cos I had the internal and I'm 28 wks so feeling movement. Don't get this with dc1.

squizita Thu 17-Jul-14 20:20:09

I have this (diagnosed when I came off the pill, and told common triggers are pregnancy, changes in hormones etc'). It's harmless, just the top layer of skin bleeds easily - like sometimes you get a sore patch on your gums was how they explained it to me. Now at 31+6, no issues.

Are you on aspirin or heparin for the RMC? That can cause harmless bleeds too, I got some from my cervix after the effort of straining to pass constipation. Again, harmless especially if it's a little and brown.

OhTheDrama Thu 17-Jul-14 21:03:30

I'm on aspirin at the moment. I wonder if she just deduced that because she couldn't see anything else on the scan???

Have to go to my GP next week so will mention it to them.

blankfornames Fri 18-Jul-14 08:18:03

Hi Drama, I had that for 3 weeks, with having a fresh bleed in the middle. Like you, I was terrified as I mc in April. I went for an early scan & everything was perfect. I'm 9+1 and still need to wear a panty liner every day. I was told that it can be old blood being expelled due to expansion of things down there!
Best of luck with everything!

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