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Bad stomach ache in early pregnancy - has anyone experienced this?

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Celia1978 Sat 12-Jul-14 12:00:59

Hi - I'm 6+3 weeks pregnant and for the last day and a half I've had a pretty bad stomach ache non-stop. I know period-like cramps and ligament stretching pains are normal in early pregnancy, but this isn't like either of them. It's in my upper abdomen (about half-way between the bottom of my bra and my belly button) and right in the middle.

It does feel a bit like indigestion I guess, but it doesn't actually seem to BE indigestion, in that it's not related to eating - it doesn't get worse or better according to what I eat or when, or when I go to the loo. It's just a constant pain. It's not excruciating but definitely noticeable - it woke me up last night.

I'll go to the doctor on Monday if it hasn't improved but I just wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar. From Googling it doesn't seem to be a very common thing (it's the cramps and stretching that everyone seems to get) which is making me feel more anxious - as if the crazy pregnancy hormones weren't doing a good enough job of that on their own!

Thank you...

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