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Placenta preavia -3 quick Qs

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Essel Fri 11-Jul-14 23:29:02

1) When did you stop work?

3) did you have to go on bedrest?

2) when did you deliver?

I was diagnosed with grade IV PP at my 20 week scan. Placenta is covering os by 2.5 cm. i Had a chat with my obstitrician over the phone when they first told me about it, but i was a bit surprised so i hadnt thought it all through. I then saw my GP about it, who seemed very relaxed and had no advice or information, other than 'dont worry it will probably move'. Im 23 weeks now, no bleeds.

Im not due to see another Dr or have a scan until im 28 weeks. My work seemed very concerned when i told them and have been great so id like to give them some warning about when i will stop. Originally i told them i wanted to work until 38 weeks but this seems unlikely now.

redexpat Fri 11-Jul-14 23:38:36

Ive just been diagnosed too, and my info leaflet says to carry on as normal, but to contact them immediately if i have any bleeding. Sorry it doesnt answer yourqs.

porcito Sat 12-Jul-14 14:01:22

Mine was covering at 20 weeks (though I don't know how much) but by 28 weeks was almost 3cm away from the os. I was also a bit worried but apparently the majority do move.

I haven't had to stop work despite a few very small bleeds, but I have been put on pelvic rest, so no sexual activity at all. Argh. I was told not to walk or stand for long distances, lots of laying on the sofa, no lifting etc. I'm now 29 weeks and am still working as it's moved. My doctor told me that bedrest wasn't necessary but I did have to really slow it down.

I suppose it depends on your type of work as well, if it's quite physical maybe you'd be better to stop earlier if it hasn't moved. Do you have another scan planned to check on it?

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