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Gut Ache

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TheScenicRoute Fri 11-Jul-14 18:33:54

Hi Guys,

I'm 6+4 today and experiencing dull nagging gut ache. Very difficult to describe. I've got mild-moderate morning sickness nausea, but I find if I eat something every 15 minutes it takes the nausea away (mostly). So I've been eating a mixture a grapes/ tiny square of sandwich/ cracker etc 4 times every hour.

But my stomach and intestines feel like I've been punched! It's as though I've just come through a serious episode of Norovirus (I haven't). Probably doesn't help that my stomach and innereds haven't had a moments peace all day with this constant grazing.

I did think I was constipated this am, but without TMI that has been provn otherwise today and it wasn't indicative of constipation!

Has anyone else had this awful acheyness? Is it part and parcel of m/s?

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