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Blood test 37 weeks

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hannahlucyellen Fri 11-Jul-14 10:29:50

Just had a phone call from my Doctors saying my routine blood test at 37 weeks showed an infection. They asked me if I'd had a recent cold (my husband has had a cold this week, and I had a very mild sore throat one day this week... but nothing I'd actually noticed until she said).

Thing is they want me to come back Monday and re-do the blood. I'm just wondering why they can't figure out what the infection is from the blood sampling? Anyone else had this?! I'm worried, I googled it (I shouldn't have... ) Thanks in advance smile

Cerealaddict Fri 11-Jul-14 16:19:08

I had a letter after 28 weeks bloods about a possible infection. They test white blood cell count and if high that's when they say you might have an infection. They actually said in my letter it might be a urinary infection but i think only cause that's common in preg and as a way not to scare monger.

Anyway as requested i did a urine sample at docs and they tested and said it was fine, asked me about anything else possible, odd discharge etc and i said no none, feel fine, so he looked back at my previous bloods and i've always come out fairly high so i guess i just have a good white blood cell count, i don't get ill very often.

I'd say it was just that you were fighting off your dh's cold virus, but follow what they tell you and get the retest but don't worry about it in the mean time

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