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Spray tan in pregnancy

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whiteblossom Fri 11-Jul-14 17:19:41

Hi from what I have read its not the tanning its the inhalation of the spray tan whilst it is being applied. This is only as they have not ruled it out as dangerous. Im sure it will be fine.

If you have them at home just make sure its well ventilated and don't breathe it in.

ClairexHynd Fri 11-Jul-14 09:50:57

Ok thanks so much for the reassurance, I'll be avoiding them from now on its just so easy coz I've got a machine in my house and my friend comes we spray each other every 2nd week or so..the room we do it in is an ok size and has got a wee extractor fan but prob not the best, I've got an appointment on wed will ask te different midwife what she thinks too..thanks again!x

Pregnantagain7 Fri 11-Jul-14 09:28:12

You will be fine I have had them with all four if my pregnancies and been ok. I also regularly self tan myself and have had no issues.

squizita Fri 11-Jul-14 08:17:29

With most beauty products that go one the surface the advice is keep in a well ventilated area when using.

ClairexHynd Fri 11-Jul-14 01:28:11

Thanks everyone I still can't sleep for worrying I got out of bed and washed it off lol it's coz I'm in 1st trimester I'm paranoid even more!uh feel stupid x

readyforno2 Fri 11-Jul-14 01:17:27

Absolutely fine.
I went to the beauty show at 32/3 weeks and had one done. It's perfectly safe as long as it's well ventilated

STOPwiththehahaheheloling Fri 11-Jul-14 01:07:41

You'll be fine. Chill.

ClairexHynd Fri 11-Jul-14 01:04:38

Hi all I'm 8wks pregnant and freaking out coz I've had two spray tans!i asked midwife if this was safe she said she thought so but wasn't 100% sure, I thought it would be ok too so had one two weeks ago b4 we went on holiday then second one tonight, then I started reading online about it and getting lots of mixed advice- now really worried :-( can anyone help?thanks x

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