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31 weeks, measuring 37!!!

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frannie2013 Wed 09-Jul-14 21:23:55

hi. I'm 31 weeks pregnant and had a routine midwife appointment this morning.
three weeks ago i was measuring 2 cm larger and this week 6!!
she has made me an appointment for a growth scan next wednesday but i'm stressed about it. she tried to be reassuring - said that it could be a number of things - postion of baby, my placenta is at the front etc - but also that there may be a problem - she can't lie!!
my bloods, wee, blood pressure etc all seem fine.
i'm reassured that it wasn't an immediate scan but i wish it was as at least i'd know now! also OH is super stressed at the mo and i'm not seeing him till friday so haven't told him yet as he really doesn't need something else to worry about (though i know i probably should tell him).
Has anyone else measured quite so big? what happened? i'm hoping it is just either/and lots of fluid and a big baby(!!!!)

PragmaticWench Wed 09-Jul-14 21:28:32

My sister did and it turned out to be vast amounts of fluid. They scanned her often to be safe but all went well and she and the baby were fine. It's good your midwife is sending you to be checked, best to know what's going on. Easier said than done but try not to drive yourself crazy worrying. I bet your OH would want to know really,even if he seems stressed.

Eminybob Wed 09-Jul-14 21:37:05

Yes me!

I think it started at 28 weeks, I was measuring 3 weeks ahead and it continued.

I had a scan at 32 weeks to check for a low lying placenta (which had moved) and they said the baby was big then so booked me in for another scan at 36 weeks, which was last week. They said then that he's a good size but not massive and don't want to so anything about it. So I guess he'll just be a big baby when he comes. My bump was measuring 40 at that point btw.

Apparently it's no more painful to have a big baby as it's the contractions that hurt and they're the same either way, and a bigger baby can mean a quicker labour as there is more pressure. So my midwife tells me (and I'm choosing to believe her!)

Oh and they did day if he was big enough to be a concern they don't tend to induce before due date, but may not have let me go over as far as they usually do.

frannie2013 Wed 09-Jul-14 22:25:08

thanks for your replies! very reassuring.
will tell OH soon (after the football) and try to stay calm till next wed!

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