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Midwife Appointment

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Noodledoodledoo Wed 09-Jul-14 18:44:19

Hi all

I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow - its my 28 week appointment although I am 29 weeks.

I always come out feeling like I should have asked more questions. I am having extra appointments due to consultant care. But I was wondering if people can think of things I should have been told about by now. After latest appointment mix up with GTT test I feel like I need to be one step ahead.

On my list so far are:-
MATB1 form - still not been issued
Hospital tour
Hospital parent craft classes
GTT results
Birth Plan
How/where I get my BP checked from 36 weeks on - recommended by consultant but no info!

Is there anything else that might be useful - I get the feeling with mine if I don't ask the right questions I will never find out!

I may not reply to quickly as we start NCT tonight.


Lozmatoz Wed 09-Jul-14 20:15:52

Take your list with you, I did last week. I'm also 29 weeks. I've been unwell so midwife is seeing me in 3 weeks as well as in 6. I'm able to drop in once a week if I need to, maybe you can do that for your BP?

Also ask about whooping cough vaccine if nit already organised.

Birth plan is down to you really. Whatever you want!

Re: hospital tour, I just called the mat ward and arranged a time to be shown around. They're very used to it.

Heatherbell1978 Wed 09-Jul-14 20:19:25

I had it on my radar but mw did mention it at my last appt and asked me to book in with the practice nurse. My arm ached for about 3 days and I couldn't sleep very well on that side.

redexpat Wed 09-Jul-14 20:22:37

You are absolutely spot on about having to ask the right questions! Have you got any pregnancy books? I'd read a month ahead and note down anything that you might like more info on. Is this your first? And have you got all those questions written down with space to write down the answers?

Noodledoodledoo Wed 09-Jul-14 23:10:07

Thanks for the responses - it is my first and so far not impressed with the community midwife I see at the surgery - the hospital where I have had more appointments is much better.

I have them written on a list already. Whooping cought I have to try and sort an appointment tomorrow - nothing available 4 weeks ago! My surgery is rubbish.

This sums up the midwife - at booking in I was given a letter detailing all the possible places I could give birth. It listed a hospital I drive past daily which was closed in 2010 and is now a very nice housing development - doubt I can go there!!!

Redling Wed 09-Jul-14 23:45:59

I booked all my hospital birth workshops myself, which is what you do where I live, so maybe call them, there were posters and phone numbers at the maternity unit. Birth plan is also something I did myself as I thought it was up to me to say what I wanted. I don't think you have to wait for their say to get stuff done, check your hospital website for info and go for it!

squizita Thu 10-Jul-14 08:22:05

I was told to ring maternity directly about tours which I am yet to do oops.
They might well have your GTT results. Mine were normal (over the phone) but they said they'll print off the exact info next time I was in.

Me23 Thu 10-Jul-14 08:32:44

No read

Me23 Thu 10-Jul-14 08:34:50

Sorry posted by accident! No reason to do both nct and hospital an classes. People normally do one or the other.
Birth plan you write yourself and can get discussed with mw usually at 36 week appt.
hospital your ask for a numer you can ring to book it yourself.

Me23 Thu 10-Jul-14 08:35:38

Last point I meant hospital tour ask for a number to book it.

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