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Nuchal fold measurement at 10 weeks

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LuckyAugust Wed 09-Jul-14 16:39:29

Hoping someone may have some advice...... I'm booked in for harmony testing when I'll be exactly 10 weeks pregnant. I know the hospital will scan me too and hoping that if the nuchal fold measurement is within range then this will be a good sign and make the wait for results a little easier (previous pregnancy with high nuchal fold picked up at 12 week scan. Chromosome disorder confirmed shortly afterwards). I know nhs hospitals will only check this measurement at 12 week scan after 11+2 (?) but not sure how much it could potentially change in just over a week????

Chattycat78 Wed 09-Jul-14 18:22:55

Hi Lucky,

I had the nifty test done privately last week when I was 11 and 6. Today I had the official Nhs scan but I told them I didn't want the screening or measurement done as I had it done privately 6 days ago. It's up to you but I didn't want 2 different measurements in different places in case it confused me, plus the Nhs test is not that accurate compared to private tests.

LuckyAugust Wed 09-Jul-14 18:31:32

Thanks for replying. I'm wondering if 10 weeks is just too early to get an accurate result but desperate for some reassurance that things look ok. 12 week scan is just over a fortnight after this scan is booked. If results back and all ok I think I'll decline the nhs screening too. Hope you get good results back smile

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