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8 weeks and morning sickness seems to be getting worse...

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kitkatkaty87 Wed 09-Jul-14 16:08:17

I am 8 weeks 2 days and have been having all day nausea with vomiting every other day for the last two weeks. Since hitting 8 weeks it seems worse. If I let myself I could easily be sick a few times a day. I have to try to stop myself when I start gagging. I have had to take the last 2 days of work because I have no energy and constantly feel like I am going to throw up. Was very sick after coming downstairs this morning ( there are various smells in my house that make me want to vomit instantly).
is there anything I can do or get from the doctors that is safe?
I don't know what to do with myself really. I have no interest in food and am just trying to eat to keep myself fuelled, I have gone off water this week so am trying to drink lemonade now but even that is hard.
any advice and when does this usually go?

AllHailTheBigPurpleOne Wed 09-Jul-14 16:12:15

Sympathies. I had all day morning sickness and it was horrendous at 8 weeks, the exhaustion was crippling too.
To begin with I just sucked ice pops and over the next week added bananas, mashed potatoes and chocolate milk. I was having oranges but citrus seemed to make nausea much much worse. And then round about 12 to 18 weeks it got a lot better, until the agony of heartburn kicked in. I was unlucky in that I'd generally have one bout of vomiting a day all the way through in the morning but other that that I didn't feel sick at all after 4 months.
Oh the joys of pregnancy!

myusernameis Wed 09-Jul-14 16:19:04

What worked (sort of) for me:

eating little and often so not letting your stomach go empty (dry crackers, biscuits etc.)

Ginger beer (ginger helps with nasaea and the fizz helps a bit too).

Ginger chews from health food shops.

Good luck!

ClaretAndBlue30 Wed 09-Jul-14 16:26:21

It's so horrid confused

I found my worst weeks were 8-10 then it cleared up completely by 13/14 weeks. I get it again now very occasionally at 27 wks but have had ages without anything!

I found grazing helped, bland, carby food - bread sticks, plain bread, ice lollies.

Trial and error though as everyone is different.

If you can't keep fluids down though, visit your GP/midwife - you might be given some anti sickness medication.

Take care of yourself.

ClaretAndBlue30 Wed 09-Jul-14 16:27:15

Oh and sea sickness bands. They were amazing - boots/amazon sell them.

myusernameis Wed 09-Jul-14 16:52:32

Oh yeah I second the sea sickness bands!

kitkatkaty87 Wed 09-Jul-14 17:04:30

Thanks all. I have tried the sea bands and they didn't work but maybe I will try again now it's gotten worse. Will try and find some ginger chews at the weekend. Hope it wears off over the next few weeks I feel so useless at the moment.

sick9876 Wed 09-Jul-14 18:19:48

I'll be 9 weeks tomorrow and I've had it bad since 5 weeks... (Nausea, no actual puking). I find really random things help for a while - one week it was a particular quiche, the next week granny smith apples and this week I'm eating a strange chickpea, avocado and feta salad twice a day!! All very odd! With my first pregnancy I only wanted bland food like mashed potato and plain pasta. Just keep experimenting I guess!!

myusernameis Wed 09-Jul-14 18:31:50

I don't know if the sickness bands definitely helped but I wore them everyday anyway. My thinking was that I could be feeling worse without them.

If nothing helps you can get stuff from the doctor but I'd recommended trying all the natural things you can before going down that route.

kitkatkaty87 Wed 09-Jul-14 18:45:29

Yeah i am wary to take medication. Especially if it's only a few more weeks. Not looking forward to work 2moro though :s hopefully I can hold it in
will try the travel bands again tonight

Gennz Wed 09-Jul-14 22:58:41

kitkat min kicked in at about 8 weeks, weeks 9 and 10 were the absolute worst - felt like I'd been run over by a truck and constantly nauseous. I don't have any tips fopr magic cures, I just ate a LOT of crap. There were a couple of days were McDonalds was all I could handle.

Am 19 + 3 now and still vomiting in the morning a couple of times a week which is horrible but I feel fine for the rest of the day.

CanISayOfHerFace Wed 09-Jul-14 23:06:58

I had it from 6 weeks to 16 weeks. I could tolerate different foods during different weeks. Lemonade ice lollies and extra strong mints helped. Smells were the worst (coffee and coming downstairs in the morning smelling last nights dinner) and I had to avoid the work canteen and breathing through my nose in the work toilets!

I was off work quite a lot and ended up taking Cyclizine in the end. The doctor prescribed this and although it didn't completely get rid of it I was able to go back to work. I felt very uncomfortable taking anything but was reassured by my GP that it was fine.

Hope you start feeling better soon.

rockstars12 Thu 10-Jul-14 10:13:03

I am 19 weeks and have been taking cyclizine since around 14 weeks. I can tell when I need a tablet, I start to gag again. I was worried about taking them, but not having them was horrific I kept nothing down, was severely dehydrated. Now I have a proper appetite and can drink fluids. I'm one of those unlucky few who have nausea and sickness throughout. I would definitely recommend seeking help if you're struggling.

freneticfox Thu 10-Jul-14 11:02:13

Try not to worry about taking prescription meds; they'll only prescribe things that are deemed safe for pregnancy. I'm currently on my fourth type of anti-emetic for crippling nausea at night.

Otherwise, it's very much trial and error to see what works for you. A few weeks ago, all I could manage was ginger biscuits, now I can't stand them and fruit smoothies are my weapon of choice. Ice cold water is also really helpful, in tiny sips.

Hope it lets up for you soon!

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