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Pregnant with baby no2 & worried, Can someone put my mind at ease?

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DragonFlyx Wed 09-Jul-14 13:45:05

Hi all, im new to the forum, but wanted to join since falling pregnant with baby 2, for people to talk to while not at work - i work part time in the evenings, and advice from people who understand.

im currently 6ish weeks gone, i think. When baby2 arrives my daughter will be 3 and a half, im worried this is really going to effect her. She always says she wants mummy and daddy to have a 'teeny tiny baby' as she loves being around babies, but mine and her relationship is pretty close, we do alot together as does her dad when he comes home from work. I dont want to make her feel pushed out and will try my best not to, i still want that close bond we have, but im worried all this will go when baby2 is here sad Am i just being silly?

Since i had my daughter, iv wanted a second, i know the importance of siblings and wanted her to grow up with a 'friend for life' and someone who will be there, hopefully, when her parents are gone. but the other half is an only child and never understood so he always said he didnt want another and that we couldnt cope with a second. Amazingly, when i took the test and saw a possitive within seconds of using it, i had a sinking feeling that i didnt want him/her, that i could never cope, or itll ruin everything, but my other half was the one who was excited when i told him. After a couple of weeks of the news setting in, i have become excited to be a mummy again and i feel guilty of how i felt when i first saw the test.

I feel like a horrible person for having these worries, i hope someone can help me and share theyre experiances with two children.

MyGastIsFlabbered Wed 09-Jul-14 13:53:20

I was terrified about DS2 arriving and how it would affect my relationship zombie with DS1. He was 2.7 when DS2 arrived and honestly it has been fine. We made sure DS1 was involved in everything to do with the new baby even before he arrived and that he understood what was happening. I recommend 'There's a House Inside My Mummy' to read to her.

Honestly I need not have worried, DS1 adapted brilliantly to his brother, I don't feel like he has any less love from me; I was also terrified that I wouldn't love DS2 as much but I do. There are no favourites. DS1 loves his brother, DS2 is now 21 months old and they get closer every day. Sometimes DS1 understands far more of what DS2 babbles than we do.

It's natural to worry but it will be ok in the end.

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