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I'm soo worried

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natharley11 Wed 09-Jul-14 11:53:52

Im 11 weeks our first scan on 23rd but just got the feeling something is going to go wrong. Maybe just me worrying overally as no bleeding or cramps and my last preg was fine. O just felt so ill am concerned that something will have happened to the baby xx

eurochick Wed 09-Jul-14 12:11:53

A lot of people feel like this. It's completely normal. I miscarried before and all scans hold terror for me.

natharley11 Wed 09-Jul-14 12:14:24

I'm soo worried even a stitch from running after my three year old make me worry

JennyBlueWren Wed 09-Jul-14 14:02:00

I'm 10 weeks and also keep worrying about a MMC or that my child will have a severe disability. I have no reason for this fear other than that I have friends who have miscarried and one whose daughter was born with spina bifida. I also have lots of friends who haven't and have healthy babies. I would advise looking at the statistics for it though. e.g. if all is fine at 11 weeks the risk of miscarriage is less than 2%.

Enaj30 Wed 09-Jul-14 14:02:03

Hi natharley11, I am 11 weeks too and have my 12 week scan on 21st of this month. Even though this is my first pregnancy I understand how you feel as I am thinking the same! I just think its just because I cant feel baby and dont have a bump yet so it still all feels very unreal for me even though I did have a scan at 6 weeks and all was fine!

I am sure it'll be fine - good luck!

Chattycat78 Wed 09-Jul-14 18:29:06

I'm 12 and 5 and feel just the same. I am constantly knicker checking, although I have had some bleeding so that hasn't helped the anxiety. After each scan i feel good for about 3 hours, then the worrying starts again. I'm now also scared stiff of the downs screening test results.....I have no idea when the Worry stops. I was hoping to feel better when I hit 12 weeks but I don't!

natharley11 Thu 10-Jul-14 07:40:08

It probably natural then. Im just worried something will go wrong esp as been so sick with morning sickness x

JennyBlueWren Thu 10-Jul-14 08:57:46

From what I've read morning sickness is actually a sign of a healthy pregnancy! So take comfort in your sickness. I've only been a bit nausious (sp?) rather than actually sick but taking it as a good sign still.

natharley11 Fri 11-Jul-14 15:17:05

Yeah. My doc said same things but don't stop me worrying unfortunately x

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