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Disappointed with weight gain

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FirsttimerG Wed 09-Jul-14 11:18:47

I have had a lot of unrelated health problems through this pregnancy which has left me unable to exercise and taking topical steroids.

I've just weighed myself (mistake!!) for the first time in months and at 27 weeks I have gained 13.5kg!! 2 stone!!! I was 14 stone when u got pregnant after a year of the same health issue (up from 11st11)

I know that all that matters is my baby is healthy, and that I can lose the weight afterwards, but is anyone else feeling really down about weight gain? There is so much pressure to stay slim and if I hear "so and so has such a neat bump" or "are you sure you haven't got twins in there" one more time I feel like I am just going to burst into tears.

I've eaten well but not excessively (the odd treat) but even my partner is starting to make comments (not unkind, but they needle me)

seasavage Wed 09-Jul-14 11:25:20

1. Explain toyour partner how those comments are affecting you. You need support now to focus on baby and later to get your weight where you're more comfortable.
2. Step away from the scales and the guilt. No exercise and steroids is a double whammy. You can't adapt your appetite down to that rapudly without some harm to your body, so please don't try!
3. Look forward to having a baby then toddler to go for long walks with and your active life to come!

seasavage Wed 09-Jul-14 11:25:59

And hugs x

KateNDAS Wed 09-Jul-14 11:48:57

I gained loads of weight and have managed to lose all but a stone of it. The danger as you will know is that you don't manage to lose it all and it ends up stuck with you. Its really hard to lose a lot of weight. 2 stone isn't disastrous so don't panic yet. My advice would be to weigh yourself regularly from now on so that you are realistic about what you are eating and gaining - denial is not helpful in the long run. I just decided not to weight myself towards the end of my pregnancy which was a big mistake as it allows you to completely delude yourself. Obviously try and eat as well as you can and keep as active as possible from now on.
Breastfeed the baby as much and for as long as you possibly can when it arrives. You go through at least 500 cals a day BFing. I stopped losing weight as soon as I stopped BFing. Obviously there are lots of other reasons to BF but this one helps!

MrsGiraffe12 Wed 09-Jul-14 12:06:25

I gained 3 1/2 stone with my first child who was born at 32 weeks. I was horrified. But I managed to loose it all. Just remind yourself you are nourishing a baby and your body naturally stores weight when pregnant to help baby grow :-)

Frizz1986 Wed 09-Jul-14 14:08:46

I put on about 3 stone with my little one and ive only recently started to try and lose the weight (6 months later) Its tough and sometimes i feel crap that i am still bigger than i want but i am slowly getting there.
I still have a stone and a half to go but you get there in the end if you really want to.
Just keep trying to eat healthily and worry about losing weight later. Breastfeeding can help afterwards but remember to eat enough to establish the supply as if you cut down too much your body will stop producing.
My sister put on 4 stone and hers arrived at 34 weeks too. Its taken her a long time but she now is smaller than she was pre pg.

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