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37 weeks and bump size tapering off

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Sconeintheoven Wed 09-Jul-14 10:08:36

Just looking for a bit of advice from anyone who might have been in a similar situation or known someone who was.
I am 37 + 1 and at appointment with community midwife yesterday my bump measurement had tapered off for the second week running. It is still measuring on the 50th centile so not exactly small but growth does appear to have tapered off and nearly plateaued over the last 3 weeks. Midwife also said they would expect baby to be measuring longer now because whereas the last 2 times he was very much engaged with head buried in my pelvis, he has now bobbed up (quite normal in a 2nd pregnancy apparently).
This coupled with reduced movement over the weekend meant I had to go into the hospital yesterday to get baby's heartbeat and movements monitored, which were all fine.
However they want me to go back in for a scan today to check baby's growth.
I know I just need to wait for results of the scan but am semi anxiously wondering whether it could be on the cards that they would want to get baby out straight away should they find his growth has dropped off and is therefore perhaps not thriving.
Anyone have any experience if this?

Sausages123 Wed 09-Jul-14 10:58:37

I am measuring 35 weeks and am 40 tomorrow, had scan and baby has stopped growing but placenta function and fluid ok so they were happy to keep him in until tomorrow when I have a c section booked. Just been told to expect a small baby he measured <5th centile according to report. I have had a couple episodes. Of reduced movements but traces have been ok but they did say any more episodes they would take him out.

Sconeintheoven Wed 09-Jul-14 11:17:35

Thank you for replying.
Can I ask how long ago you had the scan? Just wondering how long they were prepared to wait before getting the baby out.
Wow, good luck for tomorrow. A big day!

Sausages123 Wed 09-Jul-14 11:33:01

Last Friday

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