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Anyone got success in turning baby from back to back?

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mrsnlw Tue 08-Jul-14 20:15:30

I am fed up trying as much as possible to shift this baby from being back to back. Sitting on a ball rotating hips, kneeling leaning forward on to a footstool, rocking hips side to side, lying on right side...

I feel I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't. If I do this and baby doesn't turn I'll feel I wasted my time.... if I don't then I'll kick myself and feel I should have done more.

currently 35+2.... I know ive got time but still.... I want to do this! Anyone got any success in turning their LO?

CoolCat2014 Tue 08-Jul-14 21:59:32

No personal experience, but have you looked at spinning babies website or acupressure/puncture I've heard several if those recommended

BigSuprise Tue 08-Jul-14 22:27:30

Sorry but no. She did however turn in labour so I delivered her easily. Labour just took a while. ...

goofygoober Wed 09-Jul-14 10:28:00

Mine was back to back at 36 weeks, DS3 was too, so I resigned myself to the same fate - and I tried absolutely everything to shift him. He was not up for moving! However, this time the baby has turned through choice, I've done a bit of hands and knees cleaning. Not much though. As PPs have said, your baby may turn in labour. Either way, please do not worry, DS3 was eventually born by forceps, and we were both fine.

Good luck thanks

goofygoober Wed 09-Jul-14 10:29:07

^ I meant to say, am now nearly 39 weeks.

mrsnlw Wed 09-Jul-14 10:49:11

Thanks for your replies. Not sure whether to give it up as a bad job then and just let nature do it's thing lol

KneeQuestion Wed 09-Jul-14 10:52:22

My youngest was back to back and he didn't turn the 'right' way at all.

His birth was really no more difficult than my other two births, so try not to worry too much. The only difference I noticed was that it was a bit more uncomfortable when he was still in there!

mrsnlw Wed 09-Jul-14 12:17:14

knee you're right. I am quite uncomfy now as I'm only petite (5ft tall and a size 8) and keep getting sharp elbows and knees in my tummy all the time... I'll miss it when the baby is here though wink

WaffleWiffle Wed 09-Jul-14 12:22:06

All three of mine were back to back and as a result my shortest labour was 26 hours from waters breaking.

Doctors said that it seems to just be the way my pelvis is, so there is nothing I can do to change the way the baby lay.

SunnyL Wed 09-Jul-14 12:27:44

I tried and tried like you. birthing ball, doing the ironing, washing the floor on my hands and knees etc etc. Sadly nothing worked for me except labour which eventually turned her round. Good luck.

mrsnlw Wed 09-Jul-14 12:43:24

I suppose Que Sera, Sera!

BettyBluebell Sat 12-Jul-14 17:05:42

Hi mrsnlw, my eldest daughter (now 19) was back to back during my labour. I didn't really understand what it meant at the time and didn't know what to expect because it was my first baby. I had a long labour and lots of lowerback pain (but it was bearable). I did have a really good midwife who got me to lean forward with my bum in the air and my head on the bed during contractions, it seemed to do the trick and she turned before she was born. Good luck with the baby and try not to stress x

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