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TMI ? But have I wet myself ?!

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Lisad1975 Tue 08-Jul-14 19:57:30

Ok so I slightly freaked out with myself I am 23 wks 5d and haviing a normal first pregnancy so far!
I had a slight tummy cramp and passed wind and burst out laughing then urine ( i think ?! )
Shot out - a little puddle .
How do I know its wee or was it my waters ?
Its really freaked me out cos i couldnt control it .
I am fine now tbh
Have drunk a lot of water today too.
Am I being paranoid ??

penguins123 Tue 08-Jul-14 20:34:48

have read people say pop a pad on & lie down & when you get up if its waters some may come out. head acts like a plug when you're upright. also the smell, waters are app sweet smelling? hth

Boogles91 Tue 08-Jul-14 22:35:52

When i had my waters broke, to me it felt like when your on period and it just flowed out heverytime i relaxed my muscles down below or moved or sat upright x

polkadotdelight Tue 08-Jul-14 23:37:42

It could just be discharge - I know its tmi but lots of pregnant ladies get a noticeable increase.

Lisad1975 Wed 09-Jul-14 06:30:38

Well i think it was defo wee as a puddle on floor lol
Not had any more tho , so feel quite relieved !
Think baby was on my bladder tbh
How really weird tho ! Thankyou ladies x

MrsPatMustard Wed 09-Jul-14 10:07:17

Felt a definite, strong 'pop' when my waters went. If that helps....

TravelinColour Wed 09-Jul-14 10:10:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lisad1975 Wed 09-Jul-14 10:14:07

Just spoke to mw and she says it just sounds like wee ! Though anymore and i must go in ! And i must do more pelvic floor - i do a lot i think anyway !
Anyway no more dribbles or anything so i guess this stubborn girlie is on my bladder and quite comfy for the time being!!!
Thanku for ur advice ladies as it was a bit freaky - wasnt sure whether to carry on laughing or cry lol

Idontseeanyicegiants Wed 09-Jul-14 10:20:49

It does sound like wee, I did something similar. My midwife told me that your waters have a distinctive smell - like wheat so it's easier to distinguish between that and wee.

ILiveOnABuildsite Wed 09-Jul-14 12:51:55

As long as you are sure it's wee then I say relax and keep an eye on it just in case. And pelvic floor exercise from now on. If you're like I was with my first by 34(ish) week on I had to cross my legs every time I sneeze or laughed really hard because dd loved bouncing on my bladder. Pelvic floor exercise helped some but with baby actually pressing staring on bladder it wasn't enough. Joy.

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