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I've never been so relieved!

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redexpat Tue 08-Jul-14 17:13:50

Am 21w pg. I thought i was about to miscarry today. Suddenly had really bad cramps like period pain. But it was diahrea! Ive never been so happy to get an attack before! smile I wouldnt normally share with mn but dh is on scout camp and HAD to tell someone. So thanks for reading grin

MrsWones Tue 08-Jul-14 17:41:34

Redexpat, so happy it has turned out well. Congratulations on your pgthanks thanks

Hopelass Tue 08-Jul-14 17:44:00

Aww congrats! thanks Hope you're feeling better smile

JennyBlueWren Tue 08-Jul-14 21:45:43


squizita Tue 08-Jul-14 22:28:18

Been there!! Big smile (Weird for a poop I know, but I get what you mean!!).

redexpat Wed 09-Jul-14 09:49:10

Flowers AND comrades! You are very kind! What more could a girl ask for? grin

SassehMonsta Wed 09-Jul-14 11:00:43

Hahaa - 17 weeks and the same - sudden cramping this morning and a slight panic, rush to the loo to knicker check and PHEW! xD

Glad to not be alone ;)

Loveallmyboys Wed 09-Jul-14 11:09:42

Happened to me yesterday!! I'm 17 weeks and got sudden cramps then... Well, you know the rest! I'd had the glucose tolerance test that morning so reckon the sugary drink on an empty stomach caused it. Grim!

liesal79 Wed 09-Jul-14 13:34:59

This happens to me, a lot! I have IBS and the pain is extreme! I'm glad everything was fine however, I know how scary it can be!

WhatsMyAgeAgain Wed 09-Jul-14 14:52:41

The loveliest diarrhoea story I've heard!

Loveallmyboys Wed 09-Jul-14 23:05:59


redexpat Wed 09-Jul-14 23:14:43

WhatsMyAgeAgain exactly how many have you heard? grin

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