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Sick note, hyperemesis gravidarum and early maternity leave

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Stacey19892008 Tue 08-Jul-14 15:35:06

ive worked as a hotel receptionist for the last 9 years, im currently 16 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby and im still suffereing with hyperemisis gravidarium which ive had since week 5 of my pregnancy, to cut a long story short i just cant work anymore,i had it with my 1st pregnancy and it didnt go away till i was 8 months with him, im being sick several times a day all day and night and im just phycially drained and i dnt see it ending any time soon, im constantly having to take time off unpaid due to hospital/doctors appoinments and the doctor has advised me to go on sick until my maternity leave starts, ive brought my MAT leave date foward to the earlist i can leave and added all my holidays onto that before the date so i can leave work on the 15th september, but the only thing stopping me is my dad is getting married at the hotel i work at on 19th august and im meant to be bridesmaid, dad understands how sick i am but i will get through it for him but if i take sick leave now and still show up at work for dads wedding, could they disipline me for that?

mrsgembles Tue 08-Jul-14 17:51:48

You can't be disciplined for any absence related to pregnancy, it's the law.

ChaffinchOfDoom Tue 08-Jul-14 17:56:45

oh lord that's tricky.
there is a HG support thread on MN that is ace - lots of fellow sufferers and tricks/tips/hints for nibbles/drinks.
it is an awful disease and I'm sorry you have it, I had it for the last 2 of my 3 pg's. hopefully it will ease off - are you on good medication? a lot of meds are considered totally safe nowadays so keep going back to doc to try stuff - ondansatron worked for me but needs to be prescribed by a consultant.

regards your work, do you have a good rapport with your manager? could you explain/will they understand? otherwise I don't think it's a good idea, Im sorry

FruitBadger Tue 08-Jul-14 18:02:12

Maybe worth a phonecall to ACAS to see if they have any suggestions? It's very different to put a brave face on things for one event than to get into work every day when you feel awful but it could be an awkward situation if a a Manager or someone else doesn't view it the same way. At least if you've spoken to ACAS you'll know what your "legal" position is X

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