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Could I be pregnant?

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M27J5M Mon 07-Jul-14 15:03:05

I came off the pill (Cerazette) a few months ago, took 7weeks to get a period if you could even call it that, due period again this week but for the past weeks my boobs have been unbearably sore and got bigger, I've been feeling sick constantly for the past 3 days and extremely tired, all the classic signs of being pregnant, took a test and it's came back negative, could it be a false negative?

Rockchick1984 Mon 07-Jul-14 15:21:42

It could be that you're testing too early, or it could be that it's just your hormones stabilising after stopping the pill. Just have to wait and see!

M27J5M Mon 07-Jul-14 15:25:53

I did genuinely think it could be my hormones but they've been fine up till now, I never get sore boobs, only time I did was I was preg with my son, if this is just my hormones then my god hormones are petrifying me lol don't think I ever felt this bad while preg with son! I'll buy another test, used cbdigital but now seeing a lot of people saying preg hormone has got to be high for it to detect!

Muddledandunsure Mon 07-Jul-14 16:09:09

I had this last year when I came off it. I had every pregnancy symptom known to man, period was late, tests were all negative. My period arrived eventually and that was that. I felt more pregnant then than I do now and I really am this time. It's quite common if you google it.

Scoobsmam13 Mon 07-Jul-14 16:11:43

Ditto Muddle, maybe take another test in a few days, but I too had all the pregnancy symptoms for ages after coming off it.

M27J5M Mon 07-Jul-14 16:12:27

Maybe that's all it is, that helps out my mind at rest! I googled Cerazette before I came off it and knew that was a side effect coming off it but thought it woulda happened before 1st period and not 10-11 weeks after stopping!

Muddledandunsure Mon 07-Jul-14 16:19:57

I had one normal period after coming off it and then next month I had all the pregnancy symptoms. I googled and thought the same, if it was that it would have happened straight away. It's strange because you would have thought it would have left your system by now.

M27J5M Mon 07-Jul-14 16:22:00

I really thought It would have been out my system by now :/ these things work in weird ways! I'm even more paranoid now as I can now add physically being sick into the equasion sad that could just be worry over past few hours tho!

Muddledandunsure Mon 07-Jul-14 16:23:36

Perhaps try testing again in a few days.

M27J5M Mon 07-Jul-14 16:28:22

Yeah I think I have to, at least to out my own mind at ease, been reading loads of stuff about how bad those cb digital 1s are so I'll buy a wee cheapo and see how I get on! Thank for the advice smile

M27J5M Tue 08-Jul-14 15:07:26

Can answer my own question, 2 diff tests have just confirmed it!

Muddledandunsure Tue 08-Jul-14 15:36:21

We're they positive?

M27J5M Tue 08-Jul-14 17:34:28

Yeah, faint lines but defo positive

Muddledandunsure Tue 08-Jul-14 17:35:54

Oops looks like I was wrong, sorry.


M27J5M Tue 08-Jul-14 17:52:40

Tbh I had convinced my self I wasn't and it's was just cos of pill but hey ho it'll be the putter patter of tiny feet soon!

Thank you smile

Loveallmyboys Tue 08-Jul-14 22:44:34

Congratulations smile

M27J5M Tue 08-Jul-14 23:17:20

Thank you smile

seasavage Wed 09-Jul-14 11:38:33

Congratulations !

M27J5M Wed 09-Jul-14 18:04:46

Thanks smile

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