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What do you eat in an average day -sorry just being noses!

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Iwantiwantiwant Mon 07-Jul-14 11:23:38

Oh my goodness. I am eating well. I am 35 weeks pregnant and put on approx 2.5stone so far which brings me to 11st. Just wondering what everyone else is eating in a day and how much you guys have gained. On this is my 2nd pregnancy. With my first I put on 2st and was careful about what I ate.

My average day is:
Crunchy nut with cup of tea,
Apple or Nutella on toast
Sandwich, chocolate, cerial bar
Snack on my DS toast or whatever he leaves
Cottage pie etc

weebairn Mon 07-Jul-14 11:39:59

Doesn't sound too excessive to me.

I eat a big breakfast - 2 pieces of toast with a poached egg, some fruit and yoghurt
Lunch is usually salad or sandwich
Tea is something home cooked, curry or a veggie dish or a big salad or pasta or whatever. Pretty healthy. If i am hungry pre-tea I have a piece of cheese usually (my little guilty pleasure).
I no longer have my lovely evening glass of wine (sob) and generally drink soda water now. I have tea and coffee black and don't really drink any soft drinks etc.

I am 28 weeks now and allow myself bigger portions if I need them, but I tend to eat them with breakfast as eating late makes me uncomfortable. I am also run off my feet with toddler and work. I am feeling a bit run down really so have been making the effort to eat lots of veg and salad the last few weeks, anything fatty or sweet makes me feel rubbish.

I don't weigh myself but I think the bump is a bit bigger than last pregnancy (where I put on 2.5 st total); though DP claims the rest of me is smaller. Don't know really.

Never been much of a snacker but I'll have the odd bit of cake or whatever without feeling guilty (not daily).

ps. My toddler also kindly feeds me her pre-chewed food.

BakingBunty Mon 07-Jul-14 11:45:49

I'm 34 weeks and have put on 2 stone so far... Put on just over 2 stone in entire pregnancy with DS but not worrying as found the weight easier to shift than I'd imagined it would be. May not be the same this time around but just SO hungry all the time!!

Average day:
Breakfast: Fruit n Fibre, OJ, slice of toast with marmite
Mid morning: piece of fruit
Lunch: Sandwich or soup with bread
Mid afternoon: chocolate bar or biscuits
Evening: Something like a stir fry, or cottage pie, or fishcakes and oven chips, and then a bowl of custard or ice cream (really craving it!)

weebairn Mon 07-Jul-14 11:50:00

The weight came off fine last time, though not that quickly. I never had to diet or anything though, I just ate healthily and kept active.

mssleepyhead Mon 07-Jul-14 12:03:47

Doesn't sound like much at all to me!
Breakfast - a bowl of granola with yoghurt, 2 kiwis
Snack - an apple
Lunch - a slice of Spanish tortilla, a bit of bread, some cherry tomatoes and two fruit yoyo things
Snack - apple
Dinner - usually something pasta based
Evening snack (eep) - ice cream and a hot chocolate

My excuse is that I'm trying to eat a lot of calcium but looking at this written down it looks like I might be eating quite a lot! Which explains my 2 stone weight gain so far and only at 33 weeks...

Lalalax3 Mon 07-Jul-14 12:14:22

Some days: orange squash (when I'm really sick)
Others: Coco Pops, sandwich, fruit, dinner (spag bol etc) and choc digestives in between)

I'm 32 wks today.

JuniDD Mon 07-Jul-14 12:17:38

I am 25 weeks and eat:
Coco pops or Cheerios for breakfast (need to change to non-sugary something)
Yoghurt, banana and Tracker bar in the morning
Sandwich & crisps for lunch
Chocolate bar/cake slice in the afternoon
Dinner - baked potato/pasta/risotto/soup/salad for dinner

I'm finding I am needing to eat more often but can only manage smaller portions so hoping it evens out. I've put on 1.5 stone and aiming for 2.5 overall. First pregnancy though so who knows!

blankfornames Mon 07-Jul-14 12:39:03

Hi, hope you don't kind me butting in here! I'm 7+4 and despite not having too much morning (all day!) sickness, I only have eyes for carbs. I know I should be eating healthily but potato waffles have been my saviour so far. I dread what weight I'll be later on!
Is this carb only fettish normal and if so, when does it wear off?!

JuniDD Mon 07-Jul-14 12:55:23

blank I lived on disgusting ready meals for the first 14 weeks. Hasn't impacted my weight, really. Eat if you can is my advice!

myusernameis Mon 07-Jul-14 13:01:19

blank potato waffles and instant noodles have been my main staples for the last 39 weeks!

blankfornames Mon 07-Jul-14 13:08:12

Juni and Myusername, that is music to my ears!! Thanks for that! Hope you're both feeling well!

weebairn Mon 07-Jul-14 14:29:37

blank when you are 7 weeks, eat anything you can stomach… you can concentrate on healthy eating when you don't feel like you are dying of nausea!! For the vast majority of women the sickness/food aversions get better promise!

Salene Mon 07-Jul-14 14:36:18

I'm 29 weeks I've put on 20lb

Cereal for breakie

Loads of fruit , 1 or 2 punnet raspberrys and 1 of cherries, love them at the moment

Drink a pint of milk and try to eat cheese or eggs every day as a veggie

Normally have 1 proper meal a day, with some veg.

Salene Mon 07-Jul-14 15:08:25

I'm 29 weeks I've put on 20lb

Cereal for breakie

Loads of fruit , 1 or 2 punnet raspberrys and 1 of cherries, love them at the moment

Drink a pint of milk and try to eat cheese or eggs every day as a veggie

Normally have 1 proper meal a day, with some veg.

Salene Mon 07-Jul-14 15:08:30

I'm 29 weeks I've put on 20lb

Cereal for breakie

Loads of fruit , 1 or 2 punnet raspberrys and 1 of cherries, love them at the moment

Drink a pint of milk and try to eat cheese or eggs every day as a veggie

Normally have 1 proper meal a day, with some veg.

MrsMonkeyBear Mon 07-Jul-14 16:11:38

I'm 24w and put on 9kg (nearly a stone n a half) Average days food is.

Pre-Breakfast: banana or yogurt and a cup of tea (I can't eat huge amounts before 6am and I'm at work by 5:30am)
Breakfast: 2 slices of toast with fried egg and grated cheese, glass of juice
Snack: pain au chocolat and a cup of decaf tea
Lunch: lasagne, garlic bread and salad (have dinner at lunch time due to DHs job)
Snack: 3 or 4 or the whole pack of biscuits and a cup of tea
Dinner: soup and bread or sandwich
Supper: yogurt or ice cream or fruit

I did try the whole mainly eating healthily but just couldn't manage it as I was constantly famished. Now it's carbs and protein with some healthy stuff thrown in. I do drink a lot of water as I find if I'm dehydrated I get dizzy and feel horrible.

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Mon 07-Jul-14 16:22:36

I am 20wks almost and have suffered day n night nausea but getting back on track now all small portions though

Bfast is half raisin cinnamon bagel or couple scotch pancakes

Snack x2 during morning banana n cereal bar

Lunch if can face it is prawn baguette (small one) or chicken wrap with strawberries or grapes n cherries

Snack sometimes mid afternoon is cheddars or crisps

Eve meal is child sized! Usually pasta bake, roast, meat with hm wedges, sausage n mash, quiche n New potatoes or when feeling really sick plain pasta with peas n grated cheese on!!

I weigh half stone less than pre pregnancy sorry

squizita Mon 07-Jul-14 16:47:44

Less than me! I'm a greedy one these days!

-Skinny decaff mocha and a croissant for breakfast
-Sandwich (usually cheese or ham salad) for lunch with one treat on the side (fruit, yoghurt, crisps or cereal bar)
-Pasta with a veg sauce, or chicken kiev and home made wedges, or sausage with mash and peas etc' for dinner
-Naughtily I have got very into pudding and often have a slice of cake or 'luxury' yoghurt for afters.

Weight, PB and glucose are all OK, so I'm just going with the flow. I do walk and do yoga still!

ohthegoats Mon 07-Jul-14 17:01:07

I'm struggling with food at the moment - nothing is interesting me, and even if I enjoy eating it, it invariably gives me massive heartburn, so I regret eating at all.

Small bowl of granola, skimmed milk and some strawberries
An orange slushy
A banana milkshake
A scoop of lemon sorbet
Another bowl of granola

So basically, granola, ice and milk. Ice is the way forward, I'm all about the ice lolly at the moment.

Two days ago I had pork with mashed potatoes and swiss chard (not a huge amount), and felt AWFUL for about 24 hours. Urgh. Real meals are a non-option. At lunch I just had a salad and a jacket potato... the heartburn has already started sad

squizita Mon 07-Jul-14 17:16:00

Goats I have found this too: certain foods I really want give me reflux hell!

ImBrian Mon 07-Jul-14 23:03:12

I have toast or cereal for breakfast, a low fat ready meal and fruit for lunch, then chicken and jacket spud for tea. I'll also have some kind of treat, this week it's been magnums!

I normally put 2 1/2 to 3 stone on. I'm almost 20 weeks and I've put on 5 lbs but I'm hoping to keep it in check this time. Normally I eat terribly and huge amounts when pregnant.

Heatherbell1978 Tue 08-Jul-14 20:12:57

I'm 35 weeks and have put on just over 2 stone taking me to just over 11 stone. If anything I've been eating less in pregnancy as I've been trying to replace sugary snacks with fruit so the weight gain has surprised me a bit as I've also kept really active. I guess your body just does what it needs to do!

Breakfast-bowl of muesli
Snack-banana and melon
Lunch - usually soup and sandwich or similar
Snack-banana or sometimes bar of chocolate
Dinner-healthy meal like chicken stir fry or pasta.

mylittlemonkey Wed 09-Jul-14 21:13:52

I am 22 weeks and I have not weighed myself but have definately put on some extra weight although I was quite slim before so always put on extra weight during pregnancy. I did manage to loose it pretty easily with last dc so not too worried and bSically if I feel hungry then I will eat something but do try to eat reasonably healthy. I do tend to have a lull in the afternoons at work as do really long days so often end up turning to chocolate.

My daily food would be:
Bagel and cream cheese
Apple or crisps
Sandwich and crisps and apple
Soup and bread
Tinned fruit

Kim82 Wed 09-Jul-14 21:23:50

I'm almost 37 weeks and today I have eaten:

3 weetabix
Roast beef and salad sandwich
Peach Activia yoghurt
Packet of crisps
Pork steak with onions and chips
Fruit salad (strawberries, grapes, half an apple, half a banana, half an orange all chucked in a bowl)

Drinks have been:

Cup of tea
2 small bottles of water
Apple and blackcurrant
About 12 gallons of orange fruit and barley (can't stop drinking the stuff!)

I've put on a total of 11lb which is great with only 3 weeks to go but I was overweight before I got pregnant so needed to keep an eye on what I've been eating.

tak1ngchances Wed 09-Jul-14 21:58:27

I am 27 weeks and have put on about 16 pounds. Today I've eaten :
Boiled egg & soldiers
Some nuts and dark chocolate
Pizza and lemon cheesecake
Chicken stir fry
Brownie, berries, yoghurt

2 litres water

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