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Hypothyroid? Pregnant, worried.

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Playaesmeralda Mon 07-Jul-14 10:54:19

Hi Ladies,
I have read been lurking for a while and know there is some great and very helpful people here. I hope some can offer me some help or advice. I am currently 19 weeks pregnant. At 17 weeks I went for a thyroid test (privately) as had some concerns in regards to how I've been feeling.
My results came back very borderline: TSH 2.5, ft4 12.3 ( range 12-23), ft3 4.2 and peroxidise antibodies 5.0.

I am so worried about the potential bad effects on my babysad
My biggest worry is that these level could have bee even worse in my first trimester as I was feeling absolutely dreadful! I had no energy whatsoever, could have slept all day, was probably unfit for driving, and the eczema on my hands got so bad that my skin was braking and bleeding. My nails just broke off.

Furthermore I've been dealing with what I think is symptoms all my life and never been tested. I am always very sensitive to cold and freeze when most are feeling ok, my skin is dry and and the skin on my hands can be extremely dry, with severe eczema flair ups occasionally. Have been dealing with depression, anxiety and mood swings for all my adult life. My hands and feet are always so cold, 2 years ago all the joints in my fingers got very swollen and painful.
My energy levels are very low and prior to finding out I'm pregnant I was a serious caffeine addict, and I mean 3 coffees before leaving the house and more caffeine through the day, 10-12 coffees/cokes plus caffeine tablets.
With my GP knowing all this I can't believe that I've never been tested.
So I don't know how bad my levels were in the first trimester.

I know there is a lot of knowledgable girls on this site and I would appreciate any advice on my levels and potential consequences to my baby. I've been of course reading very scary things on the internet. I am seeing a specialist today and hope to get some more info too.
Have any of you gone undiagnosed in pregnancy and gone to have a healthy, smart baby? Do you know if my levels could have been slightly better in the first tri or definitely worse? I am so anxious about all thissad

MrsIcarus2 Mon 07-Jul-14 11:03:09

Please don't panic. I was in a similar position to you in 2008 but my TSH was 5.5. I found out at around 8 weeks pregnant and read all the scary stuff on google. I had to fight for treatment as the GP didn't think it was worth medicating, but I was referred for consultant care by the midwife at my booking appointment and they treated it to keep my TSH around 1 for the rest of the pregnancy. My DS is now 5.5 and bright, happy and healthy.

If you google "cks hypothyroid pregnant" it gives the treatment guidelines for a new diagnosis of sub clinical hypothyroidism in pregnancy.

Playaesmeralda Mon 07-Jul-14 11:18:52

MrsIcarus2 Do you know what your ft4 level was? Apparently this is more important and mine is in the lowest normal range so far along, if it was even lower before it night have really bad consequences.
Trying to stay calm but finding it very difficult when all I can do is sit and wait and found this out so late in pregnancy. My first trimester was a nightmare in terms of energy levels and dry skin and now I start to understand why. I wish we got tested for this routinely.

MrsIcarus2 Mon 07-Jul-14 11:32:40

My ft4 was 14, so marginally better than yours but still low. My skin is very dry too but has improved since being on thyroxine. I know how worrying it is - I was in tears on the phone to the GP when she said there was no reason to medicate. The endocrinologist was very reassuring that levels could be a lot worse and the baby would still be fine.

I agree that testing pre-conception (if planning to get pregnant) would save a lot of worry. I was only tested by chance as I had low iron and a family history of hypothyroidism.

Playaesmeralda Mon 07-Jul-14 12:05:26

MrsIcarus2 I wish my ft4 was 14 at that stage of pregnancy! My worry is that it was even way below 12 back in the first trimestersad so baby's brain could have been affected. I am so worried I am even considering terminating as I don't think I could deal with the consequences. Please don't judge me for this I feel extremely depressed at the moment and don't know what to think.

MrsIcarus2 Mon 07-Jul-14 12:24:13

I don't judge you at all. I was beside myself with worry and I really understand what you are saying. Just try to remember that you're still within the normal range, even if the levels are not ideal, so the chances of any harm to the baby are still very low.

Can you ask your midwife for a consultant referral? My hospital had ante-natal diabetic and thyroid clinics every fortnight where the consultant checked my blood results and adjusted medication accordingly.

Playaesmeralda Mon 07-Jul-14 12:36:17

I try to explain a lot to myself but wherever I look for hope I are that ft4 should be high in pregnancy and mine was rock bottom of normal so late on, so any damage would have been already done. I would like to know if my levels where lower in the first trimester or higher due I the pregnancy hormone. Unfortunately I can't go back I time.

I saw a consultant and he decided my levels are normal... It amazes me how uninformed NHS doctors are. I would like to know how much damage is done but there is no tests for that either. Just wait and see. I don't know if I can do that as my depression is getting worse by the minute. I'm seeing a private GP with a particular interest in thyroid this afternoon and hope to get some answers.

MrsIcarus2 Mon 07-Jul-14 12:48:15

It is so hard when you can read all the research and guidelines, but the people with the power to prescribe are not aware of them. I hope you have more luck this afternoon.

I remember that feeling of wanting to go back and start the pregnancy again with the medication in place. I was terrified that my unborn child would be harmed, but he is absolutely fine.

Good luck. xx

Playaesmeralda Mon 07-Jul-14 12:57:22

That is exactly how I'm feeling, I'd like to go back in time and start all over again... It's destroying me. I can't stop crying. I just don't know if I would forgive myself if this baby would be born with problems because I didn't think to get tested before and just accepted my symptoms as being mesad

Playaesmeralda Mon 07-Jul-14 14:07:14

Hoping to hear from hypothyroid mammas with low ft4 levels and good outcomes.

rosiedays Mon 07-Jul-14 23:00:04

Congratulations smile
When i found out i was pg I had not been taking my meds for months (very unexpected bfp) my levels were off the charts. Truly off the charts. Can't remember exact numbers but BAD.
I was very worried too, spoke at length with consultant who said All sorts. Had a referral to endocrinologists who said that IF there was a problem it would be the difference in getting a* or c at a level. .. i figured I'd be ok with an average child. ;) my very bright and beautiful baby will be 1 next week smile
There is a much much bigger chance your baby will be fine than not.
Good luck xx

Playaesmeralda Tue 08-Jul-14 05:52:08

Thanks for sharing Rosie, congrats on such a great LOsmile

How I wish there was a way to turn back time and test this she my bloods where taken! If I knew my levels where better during the first trimester I wouldn't be so worried. I saw a doctor yesterday who assured me they where better, even though I felt like death and looked like one too with my dry braking skin. I struggle also with how hard it is to find someone who knows about the importance of ft4 levels and treat based on this. At what point did you start treatment Rosie if you don't mind me asking?

rosiedays Tue 08-Jul-14 17:15:18

No point wishing my love, no point worrying either flowers what will be will be and you will love your child. I've always been of the mind that anything can happen to our children at anytime in their lives, we cope and love them. Xx
I didn't find out i was pg till 12 weeks restarted thyroxine at 13 weeks. Upped dose over 6 weeks till reached 200mg.
Please try not to worry and enjoy your pregnancy. Xx

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