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OMG....I have the most unbelievably itchy belly button.....what can I do to stop it itching???

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LadyTophamHatt Sat 09-Sep-06 14:43:09

Apart from scratching it, that is??!!

I know it's because the skin it stretching so tight, I already have stretch marks from teh DS's so I'm not that bothered about perventing more but my belly button is almost totally flat now and really really REALLY itchy.

I've been to the chemist today but there wasn't anything she had that was suitable for PG ladies....Doc's shut until monday....I'll be mad with the itching by then.
I've tried normal moisturiser and canesten but within a short while it's itchy again....

It's not red or sore (yet!!) but I'm sure it will get sore if I can't stop the itch.

(BTW I'm not itchy anywhere else so it's not the kidney/liver thingy they link with itchiness in PG)


LadyTophamHatt Sat 09-Sep-06 14:52:11

please ladies I'm going mad here....

coderoo Sat 09-Sep-06 14:54:27

i had a ssuper ithcy tum when i was pg

what abotu anthisan or summat oyu use for mossie bites?

Scoobydooooo Sat 09-Sep-06 14:55:23

E45 cream? not sure if you can use it in pregnancy though?

JackieNo Sat 09-Sep-06 14:55:42

Got any camomile - the oil or even camomile herbal tea - make a cold compress with some oil or cooled tea? I know it's supposed to be soothing. Or have a bath?

LadyTophamHatt Sat 09-Sep-06 15:02:05

Ohhh I have some calomine cream somewhere....will try that.
Also have a huge vatt of e45 somewhere too, will have a look at it and try that is I can.

No mossie bite creams in the house because none of use ever get biten.....we're not smelly enough's driving me mad!!
I hate touching my belly button so it's a double nightmare for me

Cailyn3 Sat 09-Sep-06 15:04:01

The itching is a nightmare, you have my sympathies! Try something cold! I always found that sitting in a paddling pool helped the itch (I got it from head to toes with ds1 for the last two months, and again with ds2) and either the pool or a cool bath was a winner. Maybe you could wrap an icecube up in a flannel and balance it on your bump, that way it'll go numb (so the itch should stop!) I ended up with massive welts and sores where I couldn't stop scratching and nothing ever worked for long. Stuff I tried out are: Oilatum, bath and cream (bath lasts slightly longer if you don't rub all the stuff off afterwards) aqueous cream (don't bother) Earax (worked great for ONE day, never worked again) Sudocreme (only once you've scratched it raw already - then it only helps to heal it!) Calamine, lotion and cream (cream slightly better because it doesn't dry). Oh yes, and bicarb soda, because its good for sun burn - that didn't work either. Best stuff I've got now is the stuff my sons have for ecsema (or however its spelt) called "doublebase", but thats a prescription thing.

coderoo Sat 09-Sep-06 15:04:57

adnw e are melly enough
dgod me an dwillow were bitten to bits

kitschnanny Sat 09-Sep-06 15:10:26

You could try E45 anti itch cream, it doesn't say anything on the tube about not using when pregnant and it's brilliant for itchy skin.

LadyTophamHatt Sat 09-Sep-06 17:02:51

Ok...prepare yourselves...I've cured it almost, much much much less itchy.


I sat on the edge of my bed, craning my neck to see into the last few milimeters and flattening it as much as I could.
With tweezers I cleaned/pulled out a disgusting bit of...belly button crust, or affectionatley known as jam..belly button jam actually.

My pre-PG belly button is a deep deep inny so over the months and month the dead skin must build up and create the horrid stuff. Nothing I can do to stop it I suppose, short of digging it out every week with a shade

Itching pretty much gone.

I hope you all enjoy you dinner tonight after reading this.

(Cod, I may not be smelly enough for mozzies but Good lord I'm a dirty bitch when it comes to belly buttons)

JackieNo Sat 09-Sep-06 17:48:48

Can I just say 'eeeeuuuww'? Glad it's sorted though.

Withey Fri 26-Sep-08 16:06:59

I am 35 weeks pregnant with twins and up until 2 days ago had a week of hell,I had the most itchy,sore,red,fiery rash ever covering my belly. It was waking me up during the night (to add to all the other stuff waking me up!) MIdwife suggested calomine lotion but that dried it out and made it 100 times worse,then tried E45 Itch Relief but that did nothing. 2 days ago I discovered the magic of Neals Yard Mothers Balm,it's amazing and I'm now feeling human again(as human as a huge pregnant woman can feel!)

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