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Big babies

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dreamingofwineandcheese Mon 30-Jun-14 21:45:03

I posted last week about measuring big for my dates. After another midwife appointment today I'm still measuring five weeks ahead and now the plan is to scan every two weeks to keep an eye on things. Baby currently is on the 95th centile (from scan last week).

My first baby was 9lb 9oz and 10 days overdue so I was expecting this baby to be big. However when I was talking to the midwife she said it was unlikely they would induce any earlier than the standard 12-14 days overdue as they don't like to interfere. As much as I agree with this I am wondering what the point of monitoring the baby's size is if they aren't going to do anything differently anyway? I'm due to see the consultant next week so will discuss it then with him.

This post has ended up longer than I planned but I suppose my question is if it was known you were having a big baby did this change how/when you delivered? I'm normally quite laid back but this is playing on my mind!

0dd Mon 30-Jun-14 21:55:44

My Ds1 was a big baby. When it became clear I'd be giving birth to Godzilla I was booked in for a c- section, and on my due date as I wasn't to go overdue.

Though I ended up having him by c-section at 38 weeks due to other stuff.

But my baby measured off the charts so maybe that's why I wasn't to go late? I'm only 4ft 11" and was as wide as I was tall! DS was 10lb 8oz at 38w exactly.

Good luck with however it goes.

rightsaidfred Tue 01-Jul-14 00:38:28

My ds1 was measuring 5 weeks ahead- born at 9lb at 39+2 after a series of growth scans suggesting he'd be an 11pounder. Ds2- measured spot on for dates and was 10lb at 39 weeks so not sure the measurements are very reliable.
I'm no help answering your question though- both were planned sections for other reasons. Good idea to discuss options with consultant though- go armed with a list of questions and check your notes before you leave to make sure they have written any plan....

Mummymidwife87 Tue 01-Jul-14 02:18:25

I've been measuring above 98th centile since a scan at 36weeks. Plus increased fluid. Ruled out gestational diabetes so now back to routine care. No more scans as won't change management. We don't induce or do Caesarean sections for large babies.. Scans are not in any way accurate for weight, plus there is nothing to say you won't be able to get a 10lb baby out, no matter what your stature.

Doing extra scans seems pointless and wasting everyone's time

madwomanbackintheattic Tue 01-Jul-14 02:35:07

They gave me a caesarean on my due date.
She turned out to be 8lb 6oz after telling me she could be 10lb 13oz.
If you have already given birth to a heifer, it's unlikely they would bother tbh.
These things are notoriously unreliable, but with one biggish baby it's more likely the subsequents will be big too.

For my subsequents I ignored everything they said and vbac. I don't believe scans for a minute.

MummytoMog Tue 01-Jul-14 07:17:14

I'm worried about a heifer baby after my last one was a pound and a half heavier than my first with no warning. However he did come out a heck of a lot easier than the first! We're going to try to persuade this one out a bit early but the midwife said they wouldn't induce me early even if I had a giant baby in there. So will be doing usual stuff to encourage labour from 38 weeks.

jaynebxl Tue 01-Jul-14 07:24:08

I'm convinced that methods of measuring babies pre-birth are inaccurate. I've met so many people and experienced it myself, where they've been told baby will particularly big or small but it turns out to be pretty normal. Both mine were apparently going to be whoppers and turned oit to be 8lb and 7 and a half lb.

Scoobsmam13 Tue 01-Jul-14 07:25:57

My first was 10lb2 and 12 days late, this baby isn't due until start of Jan but I have already asked the question as I expect this one will be around the same size. I was told that as I have already had a bigger baby she will have "paved the way" for this one, so they may monitor size, but that would be all unless there were other issues.

Like mummytomeg I shall do my best not to over cook this one!!

dreamingofwineandcheese Tue 01-Jul-14 08:44:27

Thank you for your replies.

I have also heard these scans are notoriously unreliable. They haven't actually estimated the weight yet they are going on femur and abdominal circumference measurements.

I am also hoping that we can maybe encourage the baby out naturally as I would rather not be induced as my labour with DS was straightforward so hoping for the same. DS was born in a poor condition which resulted in a 10 day NICU stay and they can't find a reason why although his size has been mentioned. That's why I am slightly nervous of another big baby!

MummytoMog Tue 01-Jul-14 14:44:11

Well a pound or so of his weight would be from being overdue. And poor condition could well be related to placenta deterioration. Given a NICU stay with your first child, I would be pushing for induction very soon after your EDD. Second labours are often very straightforward anyway.

I'm amazed at how overdue people can go - with my first I had a sweep on my EDD (which brought labour on the next day) but I was already booked in for induction at 40+5. I suspect my NHS trust at the time was a bit paranoid (had a relatively high neonatal mortality rate).

AnythingNotEverything Tue 01-Jul-14 15:00:17

I suspect they're scanning to check when thee you need a GTT for GD. Enlarged abdominal circumference is one of the indicators or GD or infection, particularly with polyhydramnios I believe.

If you had a decent labour with your first big baby, the chances are you'll birth another big baby just fine. Your body tends to know what to do second time round.

s88 Tue 01-Jul-14 15:06:24

My sil first had an 8 lb 4 baby then 2 years later a 10lbs 13 baby so it can be done wink

dreamingofwineandcheese Tue 01-Jul-14 16:05:28

Anything- I have already been tested for GD and the tests came back negative. I think DH and I just make big babies!

I am not to worried about physically giving birth as I coped well with the birth of DS. I just want to avoid the same situation as before. As far as I know my placenta was fine last time, there was definitely a comment that it was very big and healthy looking. It seems to be a bit of a mystery as to why he was in poor condition.

ilovemonstersInc Tue 01-Jul-14 16:22:30

I was on your last thread I think.

Ive just been measured in triage as didnt feel too well and hes measuring 41weeks and im 31+4weeks.
Last week he was 6 weeks ahead. At scan he was 5 weeks ahead.
Am I worried. Hell yes.

ilovemonstersInc Tue 01-Jul-14 16:23:13

When are you due? Im due end of august. See consultant next week after scan

dreamingofwineandcheese Tue 01-Jul-14 16:54:57

Yes Monsters I think you were.

Sounds as though we are in a similar situation. I am due mid September, also seeing the consultant next week. Have you had a growth scan yet?

ilovemonstersInc Tue 01-Jul-14 16:58:21

Yup ive had a scan at 28weeks ans have 1 next Wednesday. You?

dreamingofwineandcheese Tue 01-Jul-14 17:05:12

I had one a week ago and baby was measuring on 95th centile for my gestation. Have another one booked for next Monday then see the consultant day after.

Have they mentioned anything to you about inducing you?

AnythingNotEverything Tue 01-Jul-14 20:28:23

I make big babies too OP :-)

I suspect they will keep checking for GD. Pregnant women all get more diabetic as their pregnancy goes on, but it's only a concern once it hits a certain level. A diagnosis is important for post birth care for both if you though.

What happened with your first is probably no more likely to happen to you this time as it is to anyone else. I had a similar stay in hospital after DC2 and it was grim. I'm tempted by a home birth next time as I'm so terrified of going back to hospital and having to stay!

ilovemonstersInc Tue 01-Jul-14 21:48:08

I want to be induced at 38 weeks due to previous medical problems with last delivery and consultant didnt say no but still havr to do a birth plan.

I was in tesco today and the cashier asked me if I was having twins. I should have said no bitch im having triplets. Would have shut her up!

dreamingofwineandcheese Tue 01-Jul-14 22:07:23

oh yes I have had lots of comments like that. Man yesterday thought I was due any day, when I said no still another 11 weeks to go he actually patted my shoulder and said "good luck"! I know people mean well but I'm becoming quite sensitive to it!!

ilovemonstersInc Tue 01-Jul-14 22:15:04

I had lots of it in last pregnancy. He wasnt actually this big last time.
It does get to you as we are the ones worrying

Flisspaps Tue 01-Jul-14 22:20:18

I was told DS would be big, 9-10lbs predicted by scan. I continued with my plan for a homebirth.

He was 11lb 7oz, born in hospital with forceps as he was positioned bloody awkwardly. I'd still have tried a homebirth though.

DD (eldest child) was only 8lb 2oz, induction at 40+16 and far, far worse in terms of damage to me during birth!

ilovemonstersInc Fri 04-Jul-14 14:19:57

Wow! An underestimation!

Was wondering what would they do if this baby measures over 42weeks? I have a scan on Wednesday.
Op how are you?

Barbsta Fri 04-Jul-14 17:25:41

I didn't want a sweep until my baby measured big on her last measurement so I got a sweep 1 day before my due date, although my contractions had started and I was 3 days into a slow labour. Luckily she came bang on her due date at 8 pounds and I didn't need a single stitch smile I was told it's easier if your baby is bigger and I believe that now because my baby was out in about 4 pushes

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