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9 weeks and bleeding in the evenings

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Wetthemogwai Mon 30-Jun-14 19:51:20

As the tile says, I'm 9 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing (what I assume is) fairly heavy spotting since having sex on Thursday morning.

No pain, no clots, just one bit of blood when I wipe during my evening wee and occasionally some brown discharge inbetween.

I'm not overly active, I'm a student on summer break with a 3 year old so free of the normal stresses and long days we normally have.

Not stressing too much (or trying not to!) as we had sex just before it started and it was the day I'd usually have been due on so there's 2 good reasons for it especially with no cramps or clots.

If can't go to the hospital til later in the week as we live out in the sicks, I don't drive and my partner works away. I left my midwife a message on Friday but no reply as yet.

I'm a bit at a loss really, just doing my best not to worry as there's nothing I can do for now. Just really confused as to why it's only the evening??

Wetthemogwai Tue 01-Jul-14 13:46:56


Not looking good this morning, got a dull ache in my lower abdomen and passed 2 (all be it tiny) clots with the pinky brown discharge this morning.

Cannot get to A+E til Thursday so trying to take it easy til then confused

cluecu Tue 01-Jul-14 13:50:35

Didn't want your post to go unanswered sad

I have posted the below on someone else's thread but I am less far along than you so hopefully you will be able to have a scan or get some response from midwife soon.

I'm a little bit behind you in that I'm 3 weeks pregnant at most but I've had heavy bleeding in the last 24 hours, although no cramps.

I already had a doctor's appointment booked in because of the pregnancy discovery so I went this morning and they have said it's too early for anything other than to take a blood test today, another one on Friday and compare the hormone levels at that point.

I will probably take a test at home too but I'm conscious that there may still be hormones knocking around that could give a false reading.

I feel for you - it's a horrible time and I spent all last night crying. I am trying to take heart from the fact that we at least got to the point of conception and had I not taken such an early test I would have assumed it was some kind of early period.

Hope it all works out for us both.

Wetthemogwai Tue 01-Jul-14 13:53:28

Thankyou clue, fingers crossed for you x

Could you post a link to the other thread please? I haven't seen another one around to read yet.

cluecu Tue 01-Jul-14 14:19:07

This is the link to Wiggly's thread - I hope it's come through ok.

Wetthemogwai Tue 01-Jul-14 14:57:35

Thanks smile

Wetthemogwai Sat 12-Jul-14 10:05:14

Bit of an upadate:

11 weeks now and still got brown discharge by the bucket load! (Though after a midnight panic and sudden burst of PMA) it's definitely several shades redder this morning rather than the usual brown sludge. Ick.

God knows what's going on- 12 days til the scan!

NoMontagues Sat 12-Jul-14 11:30:54

Maybe try an get an earlier appt? I'm in Ireland so we don't have the same system but could you ring the hospital or your gp and maybe get seen today?

ClairexHynd Sat 12-Jul-14 12:35:14

Hey, I'm 8wks pregnant with 3rd child and also experienced the brown dischargey stuff when wiping yet morning, then within the hour I had some in my pants so I freaked out called hosp and they told me to go up for a scan, we seen the heartbeat and everything looks ok so she told me to avoid sex for 2weeks and to take it easy..I think as long as its brown and not tons its ok but you should still deaf get checked out for yor own peace of mind, I got such a fright yest xx

Annietheacrobat Sat 12-Jul-14 12:43:20

Why don't you contact your local early pregnancy unit so you can be scanned sooner?

Annietheacrobat Sat 12-Jul-14 13:06:36

ScouseBird8364 Sat 12-Jul-14 13:10:24

OP, I don't mean to be rude, but are you in no rush to get this checked out? I'm just a bit confused that you're saying here you're concerned, but waiting 12 days to be seen? hmm

Can you not visit an EPU?

curiousgeorgie Sat 12-Jul-14 13:15:32

I had this and got scanned by the EPU and they took bloods and repeated them 2 days later to ensure the HCG levels were rising as they should.

I had a few miscarriages start this way, but I also had bleeding like this and went on to have healthy DD2..

You really should get checked out.

Wetthemogwai Sat 12-Jul-14 19:01:45

scousebird I've been to the EPU and had a horrible experience, awful staff, outdated equipment and left feeling like an idiot and like I was a piece of meat on a conveyer belt.
They were very reluctant to scan me again as the sonographer said she saw a heart beat which I should be reassured by but can't be a)because it took SO long to find and b) because it was seen once and hand on heart did not look like a heart beat to me or DP.
Had to fight to keep my 12 week scan at the same date because they wanted to make a new one based on my new dates which are wrong.

I can't afford a private scan and don't seem to have another option but to wait.

Wetthemogwai Sat 12-Jul-14 19:04:35

previous EPU thread

curiousgeorgie Sat 12-Jul-14 19:11:48

I think that's a rare experience of EPU...

Due to my history of miscarriage I've been to EPU's at 7 different hospitals and have always had respectful, very professional treatment.

kkllww Sat 12-Jul-14 20:19:54

I would go to the EPU if I was you, just so you don't spend the next 2 weeks worrying. The worst thing about the EPU ime is the waiting time, but they've always been v professional, so sounds like maybe you got unlucky with a bad staff member. I think they would scan you again to see what's going on...

BlueStarsAtNight Sun 13-Jul-14 00:37:40

They were reluctant to scan you again for the issues you had at the time because they considered them "dealt with", but the situation has now changed if you are getting red blood and little clots. I would definitely call them and ask if they will re-scan you due to this - I believe it would be negligent of them to say no, 12 days is too long to wait!
When I went to A&E with bleeding in my previous pregnancy they couldn't scan me there but had to refer me to the epu for the next day, so you may end up there anyway.....

Wetthemogwai Sun 13-Jul-14 10:18:07

I woke up with red blood and clots today. Enough to make it to the pad rather than just when I wipe.

Dp is on his way now and hopefully we can go to the hospital and get seen. I'm going to ring the midwife now as she does weekend surgeries at the hospital when the EPU is closed.

Thanks for your help everyone

Annietheacrobat Tue 15-Jul-14 20:49:00

Hope you're ok Mogwai

Wetthemogwai Tue 15-Jul-14 20:55:04

I'm ok thanks annie, I've got an appointment at the Epu tomorrow for a scan to confirm everything but I'm pretty sure everything got out last night.
Had a very uncomfortable night but it's all over now and thankfully I'd had time to prepare so I'm not emotional or anything today. Bit of an achy tummy but that's about it. Just like a normal period now.

Thanks smile

Annietheacrobat Wed 16-Jul-14 08:32:54

Will be thinking of you today Mogwai. . Sounds like you're pretty convinced that you 've MC but don't forget some women can bleed heavily in viable pregnancies. I did with DD2 - after 3 MCs was convinced I had lost her. It was a sub chorionic haematoma . Either way I hope the EPU look after you.

Wetthemogwai Wed 16-Jul-14 10:37:13

Thanks Annie smile we'll see what they say later x

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