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simply 4d, free usb stick

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rebewa Sat 28-Jun-14 13:50:23

i have a simply 4d scan booked for 4th july, i heard that you can get a free usb worth £15 if you sign up to mothercare baby club. here are my questions....
1. i signed up 16th june, went to print my voucher today which is valid till december 2014, click into it and the validity changes to 1st june, which is BEFORE i even signed up?! has this happened to anyone else?
2. i wanted to buy the dvd of the scan but have read that the dvd isnt available for the simply 4d scan, is this true?
3. ive invited me + 2 possibly 3 to the scan, then read that its only 2 for cheaper scans. is this also true?
everytime i use babybond there seems to be an issue with something or other! iv rang and all offices are closed till monday, which would give me only 2 days to cancel, i will consider it if i cant have my best friend attend, or have a dvd, or have my usb! has anyone had a simply 4d and is aware of the rules?

Lozmatoz Sat 28-Jun-14 13:53:52

No idea, but why don't you just buy a USB stick, they're dead cheap.

rebewa Sat 28-Jun-14 14:08:18

yes i plan to, just dont know why they would say december expiry then it change to june 1st, why would they still be sending the voucher out after it had expired.

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