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Alysia Montano

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Chunderella Sat 28-Jun-14 08:52:17

Love this! She's an American Olympic runner, who did the 800 metres at the quarter finals of the US Nationals this week. Whilst 34 weeks pregnant. Jogged all the way round and came dead last, to rapturous applause:

She looks great! Cue all the jokes about her baby setting a new world record for her age group- and to be fair, the bump crossed the line a split second before she did so technically the baby beat her. Me, I'm six weeks gone and frankly climbing the stairs is starting to take it out of me. Hoping to eventually get the energy together for some very, very slow swimming.

Lozmatoz Sat 28-Jun-14 13:52:11

Wish there was a 'like' button!

caker Sat 28-Jun-14 14:03:05

Good for her, that's great!

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