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Really odd dreams that aren't baby/sex related - anyone fancy sharing?!

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spence24 Thu 26-Jun-14 10:27:47

I'm only 8+5 but they seem to have started already! Last night I dreamt that Kirstie Alley was shot and killed, and I became obsessed with watching the news in the hope I could get a glimpse of her address so I could send flowers.

It was so vivid I had to Google when I woke up to make sure it hadn't actually happened!

I haven't even thought of/watched anything with her in it in months, if not years!

Anyone else having/had bizarre ones like this? Or am I just going crazy?

Acorncat Thu 26-Jun-14 10:51:20

I had a really clear one where Russell Brand phoned to say he'd just got 6 new horses and could I be a "riding assistant"(not even sure what that is!). I explained that sorry, I wasn't riding strange horses now I'm pregnant. Totally random hmm

SeaSaltMill Thu 26-Jun-14 10:52:16

I had one the other week where I was part of a crew of vampires who wanted to choose their mates. One chose me and then another wanted me too so decided to kill me instead and I spent all night trying to avoid him.

I win! haha

shinny Thu 26-Jun-14 12:16:41

I had terrible morning sickness during my first pg and could barely eat so during my dreams I would eat and eat from amazing buffets of wonderful food. The dreams went on and on and were strangely satisfying....

somethingbeginningwith Thu 26-Jun-14 15:24:07

My dreams are weird and wonderful when not pregnant so I was really interested to see what would happen when pregnant...

My most "exciting" dream was that I conditioned my hair before shampooing it in the shower so had to start again.

Pregnancy made my subconcious boring.

purplemurple1 Thu 26-Jun-14 15:34:51

I don't normally dream at all, but last week I dreamt I was in a caravan with people from work and it was being attacked by ghost elks (moose) except when I really concentrated and looked at them it was really just men dressed up, as the crowd/herd went on they gradually got less convincing and were basically just thugs in plastic masks. It seemed to start light hearted but got rougher rocking the caravan etc so I had to warn them they were going to hurt someone as there were babies in the caravan.
Twas very strange!

dottytablecloth Thu 26-Jun-14 19:27:11

Am 16 weeks pregnant.

Last might I dreamt we were having a school inspection. However instead of being normal people, the inspectors were dressed as sharp shooters and they shot any ineffective teacher!

Pegglebot Thu 26-Jun-14 20:24:48

I dreamt last night that I was sitting looking in a mirror with my mum ordering me to put lip liner on (don't think I've ever worn it in my life..) As I put the pencil to my lips it exploded with an almighty bang and I woke up with my heart pounding, very odd. Pretty pleased the sex dreams haven't started yet...last time I had a particularly graphic one featuring Mr Tumble that I've never quite been able to erase from my memory....

bellaboo88 Thu 26-Jun-14 21:44:44

My worst was about the time I conceived & I was dating Bill Murray?! Not my cuppa!!

And only a few days ago I dreamt about an amazing party boat with a pool...I'm not much of a party person these days at all! Also the one where I discovered a hidden room In my house...I wish!

I'd love a good dream :-) x

Moondog123 Thu 26-Jun-14 22:15:50

I was huge pregnant and got up in the night for a wee. I laid back down, feeling I wouldnt get back to sleep when the bedroom door opened and an old man came in. I could tell he was an old man by the wispy white hair, he was paunchy and stooped.

As he walked towards the bed he came into the light from the street lamp and I saw he was wearing an old string vest and his trousers worn high with loads of trouser above the belt.. He leaned over the bed and took a long look at me and I saw that his mouth was stuffed with rags - some strips of fabric hanging out of his mouth, and his cheeks stretched with what was inside

I was terrified! My husband heard me making those sort of throat noises you make when you're in a dream sleep, and woke me up. I slept with the covers over my head for weeks, I was so freaked out. Ragman. Omg.

ohthegoats Thu 26-Jun-14 22:20:28

I wrote about this on here the other day.

I had a dream about something I'd invented called 'concept dinner parties'. It was dinner parties or supper club type things, based around a theme - the theme being a book. So all clothes worn at said dinner party, all food etc had to be related to the story or book. The book in the dream was Bring up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel. I haven't read the book, I have no idea what it's about, but in the dream I was marketing this as a great idea - with this book as my show run.


gotnotimeforthat Fri 27-Jun-14 00:40:30

All of my dreams i had during pregnancy revolved around sex in one way or another so i guess i can't share haha.

spence24 Fri 27-Jun-14 09:28:43

Haha, these are brilliant! I thought mine would all be sex related as that's all the ones that my best friend shared with me when she was pregnant! Glad to know I'm not the only one!

HungryHorace Fri 27-Jun-14 13:12:12

Mine last night was a cracker.

I dreamt I'd transferred my care to the hospital in the town where my family lives (which I wouldn't as it has an awful reputation ).

Anyway, I went in for my ELCS, but instead of doing that, they performed surgery on my brain, planting chilli seeds in it.

Most bizarre pregnancy dream ever!

hanniebabes3 Fri 27-Jun-14 13:53:20

I have been dreaming for the last week about my dp cheating on me, its never happened to my knowledge but it is driving me mad and making me moody towards him sad Im 16 weeks tomorrow x

Jenni2legs Fri 27-Jun-14 15:11:37

I woke myself up screaming when I was pregnant, only once but it was very disconcerting.
Did have sexy dreams about Alan Rickman too...

ScummyWithGin Fri 27-Jun-14 15:32:29

I had my first weird pregnancy dreams last night. The first one involved a very long shopping trip to buy potatoes before we decided to sail across the Atlantic in a very small boat instead of getting a plane. Whilst crossing we were running a dry cleaning business and cooking mashed potatoes.

The second dream had me waking up poor DH in the middle of the night as I was utterly convinced that I'd woken up with a golf ball sized boil on my arse and needed him to check. Happily there is nothing there.

Dazedconfused Fri 27-Jun-14 15:36:18

I recently dreamt that my dh had dumped me because I had gotten fat due to pregnancy and I was trying to win him back. I kept saying to him that me and baby would grow up in poverty (I'm not sure why my job would be gone and it seemed to be about me being fat he didnt say he wouldn't support us).
I told my dh the next morning and he said that dream husband sounds like a right tool

Dazedconfused Fri 27-Jun-14 15:37:13

sorry I realise that one is kind of baby related....

JontyMyers Fri 27-Jun-14 15:54:37

i dreamt i gave birth to a cat the other week confused

Davidtennantmistress Fri 27-Jun-14 21:11:06

I dreamt that my youngest was kidnapped and the eldest and I were stuck we could see him but couldn't get to him. Then we we're drown. sad horrible dream. My last pg just before I found out about my mmc I dreamt that my mums next door neighbours cat died, which is weird as they don't have a cat but I had it in my arms saying well I'd best give it back then.

Davidtennantmistress Fri 27-Jun-14 21:12:55

When pg with ds1 I used to dream about sting in graphic detail, to the point of if c&h touched me I'm sure I would have melted lol.

MindfulBear Fri 27-Jun-14 21:44:21

My dreams were very violent and bery vivid to the point I suffered from excuciating insomnia. I used to dream I was living in a big place (was it a house or a flat - i have no idea!?) and people were trying to get in with guns and I could not find my hand gun but knew where the panic room was and would hide in there whilst all sorts of shenanigans went on. Of course I did not see any of these things because I was hiding, petrified, in a cupboard. Awful awful nightmares. I would wake up drenched in sweat and unable to sleep anymore. Had them from about week 7 until week 16 ish and they came back right at the end.
euch. Now I remember why I have not quite got round to consider TTC DC#2....!!

hugoagogo Fri 27-Jun-14 22:28:49

When I was pregnant I dreamt I had a whole litter of kittens, lovely black ones grin would have been less trouble

RetroHippy Sat 28-Jun-14 06:53:18

The other night I dreamed of a zombie invasion. Usually I'm the kick-ass leader who survives, this time I was with a bunch of kids from my class (I teach 9 year olds!) who were very obviously in charge and reassuring me.

I ran away and hid in the air conditioning ducts. When the zombies came past I sat really still and they didn't see me.


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