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Bright red bleed

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Sleepyhoglet Wed 25-Jun-14 23:16:05

I'm 18 w 5d and when I wiped there was bright red blood. At the hospital hoping all ok. Fingers crossed just a burst vessel. Think I can feel baby.

resipsa Wed 25-Jun-14 23:18:18

Fingers crossed for you. Hope all is OK. Horrible times, I know.

allisgood1 Wed 25-Jun-14 23:30:00

Fingers crossed. I had this with DD2 at similar stage and it was a pocket of blood unrelated to pregnancy.

mloo Wed 25-Jun-14 23:34:24

What tests are they going to do for you, Sleephog? Hope things are going ok.

GothMummy Wed 25-Jun-14 23:41:43

Oh how scary for you. I had bright red bleeds through my first pregnancy and it was just fine blood vessels bursting, nothing to w orry about but it scared me!

Sleepyhoglet Wed 25-Jun-14 23:51:05

I have no idea waiting for dr. Hoping they will listen for heartbeat. I was on the loo when I noticed so hopefully just burst vessel. It doesn't seem real no problems till now

Sleepyhoglet Thu 26-Jun-14 01:03:48

Cervix closed so that's good. Scan tomorrow

somedizzywhore1804 Thu 26-Jun-14 01:25:23

I had this after sex at 32 weeks. All was fine. Remember to have the anti-d if you are RH neg.

Lula2515 Thu 26-Jun-14 07:18:40

Fingers crossed for you, I had exactly the same at 17weeks, it's really scary! Everything was fine for me though and hoping it will be for you x

allisgood1 Fri 27-Jun-14 10:22:15

Good luck for scan!

Sleepyhoglet Fri 27-Jun-14 18:16:00

All seems ok. Not sure why it happened. Made me really appreciate my little one even more though

allisgood1 Fri 27-Jun-14 19:25:09

Has the bleeding settled down now? Glad everything is ok!

Sunshine1991 Fri 27-Jun-14 20:17:47

Hi hope you and baby are doing fine . I had that on and of with my pregnancy with dd whos18 months btw. Didn't find a reason my mw at the time said its not normal but not uncommon .

Sleepyhoglet Fri 27-Jun-14 22:47:00

Yes it was just brown discharge today and that has gone now. The speculum she used to examine me is still giving me nightmares ouch. Bodes badly for the birth!!

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