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Toddler kicked my tummy!

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amyjaney1984 Tue 24-Jun-14 22:33:53

Im 24 weeks preg, and my two year old daughter kicked me quite hard in the tummy at bedtime this eve. Now I'm worrying about the baby. I've felt him move since so does that mean I shouldn't worry?

Spinaroo Tue 24-Jun-14 22:43:10

I an sure it'll be fine- there are many toddlers who will have done so

mameulah Tue 24-Jun-14 23:41:17

I fell when I was much more pregnant than 24 weeks with our now 18 month old. I went to the doctor, felt the baby move and the doctor reassured me with the doppler. There is a lot of fluid in there to keep your baby safe. I am sure it is fine. But if you do continue to worry you should definitely phone your midwife.

hartmel Wed 25-Jun-14 04:04:30

I get kicked and get pushed on my tummy from my active 9 month old son.. I'm 22 weeks with dc2..

And baby is moving around

ScouseBird8364 Wed 25-Jun-14 08:41:05

Hi Amy wink

I remember the same happened to me! I was around 25 weeks pregnant and my then 3 year old both kicked my tummy and pounced on it really hard! I was panicking!! But all was absolutely fine wink

Babes are more resilient than we think in the womb! And toddlers must do this all the time! I wouldn't worry, you'll be feeling those kicks and movements as normal smile x

Sahkoora Wed 25-Jun-14 09:52:41

I read on a thread here ages ago that a woman was hit front on by a car while pregnant and the baby was fine.

My toddler is not very gentle with my belly either, but they are very well padded and cushioned in there!

amyjaney1984 Wed 25-Jun-14 21:12:26

Thanks all smile

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