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Why is my face so itchy?

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thebestnameshavegone Tue 24-Jun-14 16:09:15

I'm 34+2 and for the last few days I have had a rash or spots on my face. It is only on my cheeks, and it feels like lots of little bumps under my skin, the skin isn't broken or sore anywhere but it is quite red in places. It's really itchy!!!

I haven't changed any of my make-up/moisturiser etc or done anything unusual.

I'm not sure if its pregnancy related or not. I do have a few food allergies but I haven't eaten or drunk anything that I wouldn't usually be ok with. Also, I don't think I am overheated as its not been really hot where I am.

I'm seeing the midwife on Thursday so I'll mention it to her then, but just wondered if anyone had had anything similar?

amy83firsttimer Tue 24-Jun-14 17:44:28

Itching can be a sign of OC so might be worth getting checked sooner, someone more knowledgeable than me will come along in a min.

Hope it's nothing. X

popcorngazebo Tue 24-Jun-14 20:14:51

The itching with Obstetric Cholestasis tends to be more focussed on the hands and feet rather than the face.

Is it only on one side or on both? I had OC last time and I had shingles for a bit this time around (pregnancy clearly suits me!) and shingles did give me a rash where OC doesn't. I would give your midwife a call in the morning to see what they say - you could also see if the nurse/minor ailments at your GP can offer any advice.

Hope it clears up soon - itching is hellish!

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