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I think i need a slap!

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liesal79 Tue 24-Jun-14 14:32:30

Hi all.

I had my dating scan yesterday, and found out I was in fact 14 weeks pregnant! smile Very happy as I have suffered from a MMC last year. I am 34. In earlier life, I had 2 abortions - I am not proud or pleased to reveal this but its important!

I am now panicking that I have a weaken cervix from the 2 abortions (14 years ago) and the D&C from the missed miscarriage..

Am I being overly paranoid???
Help needed and appreciated - and a slap I think! smile

Thanks all!

squizita Tue 24-Jun-14 15:04:14

If the terminations were early ones, they would be similar to a D&C and unlikely to have damaged your cervix (the risk has been exaggerated in the past for political/pro-life reasons: no surgical procedure is risk free but most likely all is well). If you're worried, ask your MW to speak to an Ob/Gyn at your local hospital- they can scan and check the thickness, inserting a stitch if required. Most likely you'll be OK. smile

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