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Rock hard tummy?

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mrsnlw Tue 24-Jun-14 12:34:07

So Im 33+2 today and this baby does nothing but wriggle all the time. I'm desk based in my job and often find my tummy is rock hard when I'm sat down and doesn't ease until I get home and lay down. At my 31 week check up, baby was head down and brim and also Back to back. I regularly feel jabs of elbows(?) and lots of hiccups too. my tummy seems now to be many hard on the left side, or last night on the right and I could feel an arm down the right side of my tummy.

Why does my belly go so hard like this? I don't think it sounds like BH - maybe just the way baby is laying? Now my belly is rock hard on the left and a bit squishy on the right - has baby turned now?

crazykat Tue 24-Jun-14 12:44:30

It sounds like the way the baby is laid. When I was having dd2 I could feel her back moving across my bump when she turned and one side usually felt more solid than the other depending on how she was laid.

Your bump going hard when sat is probably because everything is squashed up be the position you're sat in.

IME BH are like contractions which make the whole bump go hard for a minute or so then ease off for a few minutes then tense up again.

mrsnlw Tue 24-Jun-14 12:52:49

Cazy, thats what I thought, like they come and go. Hopefully the baby is starting to spin from B2B to anterior.

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