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Anxiety/bad feeling in pregnancy and a healthy baby?

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Managua Tue 24-Jun-14 11:21:40

Any of you mums had anxiety about your baby's health and went on to have a healthy LO?

I've been struggling with anxiety and intrusive thoughts quite badly since about week 10, I'm 17 weeks now. Some of my fears are unreasonable and I manage to convince myself logically that they are just fears and some others have some grounds. But they all come down to one simple thing - I'm terrified something will be wrong with my baby. I have in fact a history of anxiety and was on medication until I found I was pregnant at 6 weeks. I stopped the meds for fear of them potentially causing autism - which is a bad fixation of mine.

I am seeking help, I am having hypnotherapy, pregnancy yoga and awaiting CBT on the NHS.
Because of my history of anxiety I can't tell the difference between anxiety and what the mother's intuition I hear so much about. I can't tell if these are intrusive thoughts or my subconscious telling me to prepare as something will be wrong. I can't confide much in DH as he's quite anxious too and seeing him scared just makes it worse for me. He's worst fear is what would happen to me if any if this comes true, he's worried about my life quite frankly. And as he has seen me at my worst I understand and try not to upset him with my thoughts.

Anybody had this and then found out that it was just pregnancy paranoia and had a healthy bubba?

pixiestixie84 Tue 24-Jun-14 11:53:28

Sorry you feel like this op, it's stressful enough during pregnancy without the added pressure of anxiety sad I have similar issues- during my pregnancy I worried about pretty much everything you could and found it emotionally very difficult being pregnant (physically I was fine!). I now have a healthy 4 month old baby girl and none of my worries were 'mother's intuition'. I think when you have an over active imagination you don't have any intuition! A nurse told me the two key things to look out for are bleeding and feeling very ill yourself.
HTH smile

squizita Tue 24-Jun-14 13:16:16


For example almost every woman has this experience if they have a miscarriage and then get pregnant again. These pregnancies have the same outcomes as any other i.e. 92% of the babies are fine, 3% have a treatable condition and only 1% have a severe condition.
During the pregnancy, most of these women's 'intuition' will be telling them disaster is round the corner!

Not to mention those with anxiety or who had a 'scare' such as suddenly realising they're pregnant.

It sounds like classic prenatal anxiety (I have it too!) and intrusive thoughts - you need to push for a perinatal psych team to support you, or it can become pretty overwhelming and tough for you (baby will be fine).

rootypig Tue 24-Jun-14 13:23:46

I had an anxious pregnancy. I am not an anxious person, but my pregnancy came at a stressful time, and there are also contributing factors in my background (older sister born with disability following an illness my mum had in pregnancy).

My DD was born utterly perfect and healthy at 41 weeks, more than 8lbs. She is a happy, healthy nearly two year old. My anxiety lingered a long time after she was born (in some ways it worsened) and there are still vestiges.... I hope it's not the case for you, but be aware of the possibility.

All the therapies you mention sound like fab ideas. Anxiety and intrusive thoughts often can be controlled. I managed to keep a handle on mine.

I would also recommend the author Pema Chodron. She is an American Buddhist monk (nun?!?!) and I find her writing calming and illuminating.

Fwiw, now I have had a couple of years with DD, mother's intuition is about knowing your child - their moods, appetite, habits, among other things. In pregnancy your body is haywire - if I'd followed my intuition in my first trimester, I would have thought I was dying! grin

Managua Tue 24-Jun-14 13:30:04

pixiestixie84 That's a very good point that an overactive imagination means you can have no intuition! And I know I tend to over worry and over think everything sad

squizita thanks for the cold reassuring numbers smile on a good day I can see it that way, on a bad day I keep seeing "signs" and convince myself I am doomed. I even keep telling my baby that if something is wrong it's better that I miscarry as wouldn't copesad

I made it very clear to my midwife that j am struggling and that I am finding very difficult mentally and emotionally. I've been referred for CBT and just waiting for a letter confirming where and when to come through. I the meantime I am trying hypnotherapy on my own accord as just had to do something! With my history I am not surprised I am feeling like this, hope it won't develop into prenatal depression (pretty sure I will have PND anyway but I am prepared to go back on meds ASAP).

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