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Pregnant and constipated!

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pinkfizzsparkles Mon 23-Jun-14 18:18:07

26 weeks and have the mother of all constipation! Never experienced anything like this, just can't seem to get going! Tried fybogel, calfig syrup from chemist. Eating all bran, lots of fruit etc but nothing is helping. Any suggestions welcome.

Hobby2014 Mon 23-Jun-14 18:23:24

Lactulose is meant to be good. Lots of people recommended it on here. I have some but haven't ever used it, as fybogel worked for me. Bought lots of stuff when it was bad, but started with fybogel and it worked.

SurfBoredCat Mon 23-Jun-14 18:27:23

Prune juice!

It was the only thing that worked. Don't drink too much though or you'll end up with the opposite problem!

Also, if you eat lots of fibre you must drink lots of extra water otherwise it just clogs you up.

Hope you feel better soon! smile

Kurololi Mon 23-Jun-14 18:32:34

Have to say, lactulose is the only thing that's sorted me out after having not pooped for 4+ days several times during this pregnancy!

pinkfizzsparkles Mon 23-Jun-14 18:33:16

Thank for suggestions. To be honest I'm probably not having enough water so the fibre isn't working as it should. Will drink more and try some prune juice. If that fails I'll get some lactulose.

Heathcliff27 Mon 23-Jun-14 18:40:23

I used to get terrible constipation when is was pregnant. Liquorice used to help me.

CoolCat2014 Mon 23-Jun-14 18:54:06

I was going to say make sure you're drinking enough water otherwise nothing will work! Also getting some fats is important, helps loosen stuff up. Good excuse to eat chocolate smile

mssleepyhead Mon 23-Jun-14 19:38:47

Had problems around 20 weeks. Took fybogel twice a day for a week to get things moving and now just have a sachet once a day in a morning. Haven't had a problem since 20 weeks and now 31. Worth a try!

Purplecircle Mon 23-Jun-14 19:42:29

A large bag of grapes will send me to the loo
Either that or dried apricots or prunes
Make sure you're drinking loads of water as dehydration causes constipation. Body doesn't have enough liquid so it takes what it can from your intestines

FoodieMum3 Mon 23-Jun-14 20:13:18

I hardly ever drink coffee but when I do it gets the bowel moving pretty quickly. Hadn't been in almost 4 days yesterday so had a coffee and bingo.

Juice, fruit and usual tips don't work for me sad

Are you taking a vitamin supplement or iron that may be causing it? Or is it just another one of these pregnancy symptoms? confused

pinkfizzsparkles Mon 23-Jun-14 20:25:07

Any excuse to eat chocolate coolcat, maybe my one bar a day isn't enough!

foodie I'm not taking supplements so it's not that. Think lack of water could be compounding the problem!

Thanks for all the suggestions, I will go shopping tomorrow!

redexpat Mon 23-Jun-14 21:12:11

are you doing any exercise? i took ds to nusery on the bike rather than car and the poo shot out when i got home. relt soo good grin sorry if thats an overshare.

WishUponAStar88 Mon 23-Jun-14 21:14:30

I second prune juice ... tastes vile but a couple of glasses really does work wonders within an hour or two!

MissMagpie Mon 23-Jun-14 21:16:48

Kiwi fruit! Google it - they contain a unique laxative that helps me out. I eat a couple every day and things seem to keep moving....

pinkfizzsparkles Mon 23-Jun-14 21:35:02

Not really doing any exercise but I'd hop on a bike now if it had the same effect redexpat. I don't think you can ever over share when pregnant!

Droflove Mon 23-Jun-14 21:53:25

Sort it out, sort it out!!! Or you will regret it. Try the prune juice and kiwis. And if its not working, talk to your GP about getting something. You do not want piles and fissures. Which happen in a heartbeat during and after pregnancy. And take years to sort out.

TheLastThneed Mon 23-Jun-14 21:59:15

I had to avoid bread when I was pregnant. At one stage I thought I would need a surgical procedure.

lolalalabing Tue 24-Jun-14 22:49:34

I'm 28 weeks and am really suffering. I seem to be averaging 1 poo a week at the moment and it's really painful. I'm passing a bit of blood from a small tear i've picked up as a result of the constipation which isn't much fun either. Got my 28 week appointment tomorrow so will see what the midwife suggests. Just glad i'm not the only one with issues!

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