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All day sickness and work!

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beth1987 Mon 23-Jun-14 18:07:15

Just discovered am pregnant and finding the nausea difficult. Am approx 6 weeks and not managing to eat hardly anything. This added to an active job in the heat caused me to feel faint and come home this morning. I have crackers a plenty and managed a bit of soup but just feel the need to sleep all the time! Is this normal?

pinkfizzsparkles Mon 23-Jun-14 18:30:06

It is normal. Try and eat little and often of anything you fancy. My diet for the first trimester was lucozade, bread and cheese! The heat won't help and will make you feel worse and more tired. It's important you stay hydrated in this heat, something like lucozade or a sugary drink may help with your energy levels if you can't eat much. It's rotten when you feel like this!

beccajoh Mon 23-Jun-14 18:32:40

Very normal unfortunately. I lived on roast beef monster munch, pineapple, mashed potato and sweets for the first half of my first pregnancy. The tiredness is insane!

Meglet Mon 23-Jun-14 18:43:02

Very normal to feel exhausted and naseous at that stage. I had a few days off work just sleeping and feeling sick, it was like being drugged. I wasn't in any state to drive or do my work accurately.

It should get better though. I was back at the gym by 12 weeks.

HappyAsASandboy Mon 23-Jun-14 18:50:36

Very normal. In my experience you will feel like you have a permanent hangover for a few weeks - nauseous, knackered, can't concentrate, just want the world to stop. For me, it got worse and worse until 9 weeks (had to find sneaky place to snooze at work - easier now it's sunny!) and then I was much much better by 10 weeks.

Hang on in there. There is an end, however far away it seems!

beth1987 Wed 25-Jun-14 12:47:23

Thank you for the responces. No one mentions all day sickness! Had Mon and Tues of work. went in this morning and only managed till lunchtime. Feel like I am going to drop and do feel a bit better with eating yesterday. Only have limited breaks and have to serve customers though them which doesn't help (even though my collegues know I am not well!). They are saying that I should go to doctors if I am not better by now. To top it off someone is leaving unexpectantly this week. Nice to have an outlet! I can't get at all excited about it all and feel a bit down (horomones prob) and to top it off with limited drinking feels like I am starting with cystitis.

Lalalax3 Wed 25-Jun-14 13:05:40

Oh girls, I am 30+2 and was signed off for the second time long-term with sickness. Mine started at about 6 weeks and I was signed off until week 12 as I couldn't leave the house without throwing up.

I managed two half-terms at school (yep, I'm a teacher) from Feb - May but started feeling awful again at 28 weeks. Given my past my GP signed me off straight away for 3 weeks. That leaves the last two weeks of term, and if I still feel bad he'll sign me off for those too.

I beat myself up so much about taking time off work, and had many aborted returns and occasions where I was sent home. I've vomited in bins, in corridors, on tube platforms, in plastic bags on tube trains. Lots of tears, lots of frustration. I've had over 12 weeks off. But now I've finally come to terms with the fact that this is my lot, and I just have to rest up and roll with the punches. I can't commute across London in the summer AND teach inner-city teenagers AND deal with pregnancy sickness. I just can't. And that's ok.

So take your time off, you can't be penalised for it (it's the law) and know that you will have good days, and it WILL end! Baby's gotta come out sometime!

Layla001 Wed 25-Jun-14 13:59:38

I am 35 weeks. Sickness from 6 weeks and still sick now. Including fainting. I am a teacher and it was HELL. I crawled into school so many times only to faint and be sent home. Eventually have in and was signed off. I just could not do it. I also had all day sickness which peaked in the middle of the night. I really feel for you - it is truly dreadful. So much so that I have already looked up how quickly to make my partner have the snip! I am now so terrified if every having to go through this again that I think I will become scared of sex lol.

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