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34 weeks and bored of pregnancy talk

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Layla001 Mon 23-Jun-14 08:11:02

Is there something wrong with me? I'm so over all the pregnancy talk that revolves around me. MIL came over yesterday and already wants to know when 'anything happens.' Feeling the pressure. My dad has already asked for the number for the birth centre. Feeling the pressure. I guess I never liked being centre if attention in this way (hence never wanted to get married or be a bride!). Everytime I see anyone it is pregnancy talk - in detail BF, birth, crying baby etc. I feel like I am just a vessel and my identity is simply one of being a container. I would love to not have my parents and MIL talk revolve around pregnancy. To be fair MIL is worse. Already I am brain dead from everyone's advise. I don't ask for it but boy am I getting it. I feel about 12 years old.

SouthDerbyshireMamma Mon 23-Jun-14 09:12:40

I feel your pain. I'm 36+2 and I've told me nearest and dearest that pregnancy talk is limited to a short period of time when they see me. Seems to be working out ok.

We have kept our news off social media so that people talk to us in the usual away. My best mate said its refreshing not to have it thrust in her face smile

I understand that family get excited but they need to understand its our time.

I'm sure the advice won't stop when baby is here either...

Rosebud29 Fri 27-Jun-14 21:39:09

Totally with you on this. I'm also 34 weeks. I have to deal with pregnancy talk all day every day in work. I work with about 80 people so I get the same questions over and over and over, "When are you due?", "When do you leave work?", "Do you know what you're having?", from the same people who have asked before! Then there's all the unsolicited baby advice, labour horror stories, how my body/life is going to go to pot. All. Day. Long. OMG that stupid scrunched up face and daft grin people make at me and say "Ooooo, not long now!". Argh!

WiggleGinger Fri 27-Jun-14 21:48:32

You are not alone.
I love being pregnant, don't get me wrong, BUT I'm still me!
Please don't tell me every time you see me that I'm 'blooming' & 'that baby just keeps getting bigger' well durr
I know people mean well but it'sconfused annoying!
This is my second baby so people are hell bent on telling me horror stories of sibling rivalry etc
I hated all the advice the first time around its so annoying!!!!!
This time I start every answer with "well having done this before but being aware EVERYONE & EVERYCHILD is different...." Tends to stop people & make them think!
I find it frustrating when they tell me not to expect two babies the same & that I have a lot to learn still, well surely that applies to your 'advice' oh helpful moron!!!!!

Anyway! That feels better!!!
You aren't alone!
I hope the last few weeks are a little more bearable!

Elizabeth120914 Fri 27-Jun-14 21:49:16

29 weeks and I dont exist either! MIL has booked a family holiday for us all without asking choosing a cottage 7 hours drive away and invited step daughter too 10 year old plus newborn!

Last night I got ' told off' for having the whooping cough vaccine I'm 32 ffs!!

WiggleGinger Sat 28-Jun-14 21:55:17

Told off???
The cheek?
Dare I ask why you shouldn't have had it?
I had mine at 28 weeks! Got a real 'dead arm' for a few days though!

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