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ouch ouch ouch

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DrewsWife Sun 22-Jun-14 22:22:51

been out today and when sat at dinner had huge jabbing pains in my vaginal area. getting them on and off. no bleeding but omg one set caused me to hold my breath.

is this normal??? surely not!!

14+2 and ayyaaaaaaahhhh blush

mummaduke Sun 22-Jun-14 23:23:12

I got these pains, but much later on in my pregnancy, about 34 weeks onwards.

If you're concerned at all, speak to your GP/midwife.

bakingmad83 Mon 23-Jun-14 06:46:43

I'm 13+1 and since 6 weeks I've had a few stabbing pains in the same area, though they only last a second and aren't intense. From reading this and other forums, even early on it seems fairly common to get these pains, but like mummaduke says, best to discuss with your healthcare team if you're worried. Hopefully it will be nothing though x

CoolCat2014 Mon 23-Jun-14 09:38:07

I had that about a similar time, now 30 wks and everything is fine. No idea what it was though, I think just something was stretching!

kaykayblue Tue 24-Jun-14 11:39:47

I believe that it's called "lightening crotch" (really!) and it's completely normal.

kaykayblue Tue 24-Jun-14 11:40:15

EDIT: No, it's called "Lightning crotch" sorry for the bizarre typo!!!

TwigletFiend Tue 24-Jun-14 11:59:33

'Lightening crotch', haha! That's a pregnancy symptom I've never heard of! grin

DrewsWife Tue 24-Jun-14 12:59:04

you lot.make me.giggle.

my hoohaa isnt light!! but those sharp pains make for an awkward working environment grin lol

sara87 Fri 27-Jun-14 08:06:02

i just found your thread again Drewswife
i was feeling sooo bad. my Dh isn't here and im at my mom's. been having aweful aweful pain since twodays now. its my 17th week. i told my Dr. she said it is likely to increase now... as the uterus will expand more.
but i feel aweful. i cant sit, cant walk cant even sleep because of it:'(
i just keep getting angrier and angrier for dh for all the reasons possible...dont even feel like talking to him because he isnt here when he should be:'( (he's on business out of town)
i cant control my tears and i hate my job...its tiring and grrrr...everything is just horrid. and the pain wont go away in anyway

sara87 Fri 27-Jun-14 08:12:53

does anyone feel like this? i imaginrd my pregnancy being happy and thinking baby thoughts all the time...but now i am notsad

DrewsWife Fri 27-Jun-14 16:49:47

sara how are you today. im only getting them mildly now. so I assume I was stretching out.

sara87 Sun 29-Jun-14 15:06:45 much better now phew
Dr. said massage some oil over belly and the area that pains the most. however thankfully its okay now. probably stretching alot and emotions playung havoc.
thanks Drewswife
hope you are doing well too.

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