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No symptoms in first tri, anyone else experienced this?

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Skye89 Sun 22-Jun-14 14:06:32

Just curious to know whether others had no symptoms and still went on to have healthy pregnancies. I'm 8+1 and havent really had any symptoms to speak of. Have had brown spotting the last few weeks without cramping and not heavy which I'm worried could develop into mc. Other than that no ms, not anymore tired than usual and eating fine.

Any advice/experiences welcome smile

atos35 Sun 22-Jun-14 14:13:24

I am currently pregnant (14 weeks) and my symptoms started around 6 weeks. Felt very tired, nauseous and developed a very strong sense if smell. However I have had 2 dc's already and didn't have any symptoms with the first two. It's not so unusual to not have symptoms but have you had the spotting checked out to put your mind at rest?

StormyBrid Sun 22-Jun-14 14:13:34

The only symptom I had by eight weeks was two little lines on a test. Morning sickness? Nope. Felt a bit queasy when I was hungry. Threw up once at exactly sixteen weeks. That was it. Went on to have a healthy baby on my due date. Entire pregnancy was a doddle, really, and so was labour. I hope yours is easy throughout too!

Skye89 Sun 22-Jun-14 14:15:55

Thank you both. I called the doctor about the spotting who said it's normal but that I could go epu if I wanted to. Have midwife booking in appt on Saturday so thought I'd discuss with her then.

buggerboooo Sun 22-Jun-14 14:17:03

I felt the same when I was 8 weeka. I felt a total fraud, didnt feel pregnant and had no symptoms, only 16 pregnancy tests to prove it! Haha

Then I got to 9 weeks and I didnt stop being sick. All day every day. I even puked and heaved all over myself driving down a road I couldn't stop on! It was horrendous. 12weeks plus now and I am only sick on the odd day.

I too had cramping and bleeding

petitverdot Sun 22-Jun-14 17:03:33

I only had sore boobs but now 26+2 and all seems to be going ok...!

HopefulHamster Sun 22-Jun-14 17:07:38

25 weeks and my first proper definite symptom was feeling the baby kick at 18/19 weeks onwards smile

Scoobsmam13 Sun 22-Jun-14 17:12:16

Im 12 weeks today, no symptoms apart from tiredness which hit about 9ish weeks, massive boobs and no monthly visit. Also was eating a lot, but thats calmed down thankfully or id be the size of a house by now.
Same with DD1, no symptoms at all and a very easy pregnancy. Some people are just luckier than others.

Figster Sun 22-Jun-14 17:13:51

I didn't at all no tiredness sickness queasiness boob changes nowta. Had painful wrists about 6mo and an ever bigger bump but nothing typical

Ducky23 Sun 22-Jun-14 18:16:43

Currently 13 weeks with #2 and no symptoms grin have had 3 scans and everything looked fine!

With dd1 I was constantly throwing up but not this time smile

AuntieMaggie Sun 22-Jun-14 18:20:43

38 weeks here and I had no symptoms for the first trimester and most of the second trimester...

Sparkle9 Sun 22-Jun-14 19:02:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Skye89 Sun 22-Jun-14 23:28:34

Thank you to all the responses, they've been very reassuring. Hope that I'm also just a lucky one that might be getting away with no sickness smile

Hope you all continue to have happy and healthy pregnancies.

Bellyrub1980 Sun 22-Jun-14 23:38:12

I had about 3 days of MS in total, all 1 week apart, very worst day was in week 9. Other than that I just felt I bit hungover & slightly light headed occasionally. Probably the only thing that was totally different to normal was waking at 3am ravenously hungry.

22 weeks now

PresidentSpreadable Mon 23-Jun-14 10:09:06

I was a bit bloated, a bit tired, and my boobs got a cup size bigger and were a bit sore. Other than that, absolutely nothing. No nausea, no vomiting, no acute sense of smell. Didn't even go off tea and coffee. Now 16 weeks and all is well.

Hope your pregnancy continues to be trouble free!

cheshirem2b Mon 23-Jun-14 11:33:04

12 + 4 today and feel a fraud! Scan showed healthy wriggly baby last week! Had the odd morning feeling a bit sick when I'm hungry and had an early scan due to spotting at 7 weeks but no major symptoms... slightly tender boobs and tired but that was it. You are hopefully just one of the lucky ones with a chilled out pregnancy!

liesal79 Mon 23-Jun-14 11:59:37

Im 12 weeks and had no sickness. had nausea - but not everyday, and very sore boobs. Cramping at night, but nothing major! I felt some days like I wasn't pregnant! Had an early scan at 8 weeks due to a missed miscarriage before, and everything was fine! Hoping for a good dating scan today! smile

201418 Mon 23-Jun-14 20:13:13

I was surprised when I took a test and it came back + at 5wks no major symptoms. Tired, sire boobs now and again. Very hungry at one point but that passed for a couple of wks and came back couple of wks ago.we had an early scan at 8 wks and found out we are having identical triplets! Now 12+4 and been for our 3rd scan today all is well.

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