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Pelvic pain

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LBNM19 Tue 17-Jun-14 16:51:54

Ok thanks I will give them a call.

mandbaby Tue 17-Jun-14 12:50:54

Yes, mine too. I'm 26 weeks and have had this for a few weeks now. I'm in my third pregnancy and it has definitely got worse and started early through each pregnancy.

I mentioned it to my midwife the other day and she's referring me to physio and suggested that the physio may want me to buy a support belt.

I would speak to your midwife.

LBNM19 Tue 17-Jun-14 08:31:14

The bottom of my stomach is very achy most of the day and now occasionally when I turn in bed I get this intensie pain in the same place, so bad it wakes me up.

I'm 22 weeks pregnant and not particularly big, this is also my second pregnancy and I didn't have it with my first.

Anyone else had this to? I'm thinking about calling the midwife.

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