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Newly pregnant with prior diastasis recti & prolapse. Your views?

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Hubbubs Mon 16-Jun-14 21:51:26

I'd like to hear from anyone who's been pregnant again after previously having a mild vaginal prolapse and/or severe stomach muscle separation.

I'm 45 and although I won't have confirmation from my doctor preg test until Thursday, I'm assuming I'm pregnant as that's what all the home tests are saying.

My last child was born 5 years ago and I had significant stomach muscle separation and a slight vaginal prolapse from that. I didn't have physio for the muscles and I've never done any pelvic floor exercises.

Neither has caused me any difficulties really. The prolapse isn't protruding, but is certainly visible, and the diastasis recti (DR) has left me still looking 5 or 6 months pregnant since the birth. I don't suffer backache but I do have symphysis pubis to an occassional painful twinge if I twist wrong when getting up.

I suspect I'm only a few weeks pregnant, but my stomach is already uncomfortably heavy, but what I'm it's curious about I whether either or both of these effects will affect both pregnancy and birth.

I'm concerned I'll be recommend to have a C section for instance in case, look away now if you want to avoid TMI imagery grin basically, the prolapse (with my history of birthing nine pounders twice before) means half me insides are going to push out with the baby.

Also, and this is somewhat gross too, does the DR condition mean there's potential for the core muscles to just go completely, and I just won't have any supporting muscle to hold up the weight of the progressing pregnancy?

I've yet to have my first antenatal appt to discuss these concerns, so I thought I'd post first to see if anyone has similar experience.

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