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High upper abdominal pain - any ideas?

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CoolCat2014 Mon 16-Jun-14 11:27:23

I'm 28+6 and have had some bad pain over the weekend in my upper abdomen - right in the middle, halfway between belly button and ribcage. Had it really bad on Sat for 5 mins that it made me cry, then it went and started again yesterday afternoon. Pain is sharp and burny a bit like heartburn.

I saw the midwife this morning and she wasn't sure what it is, but confirmed it's above my uterus. She thought it might be everything getting squished as baby grows.

Has anyone had anything like that? Or any ideas what it might be?

jessplussomeonenew Mon 16-Jun-14 12:18:57

I have had something like this from about the start of the third trimester - high and slightly to the left of centre. I assumed it was my poor squished stomach struggling with gas/food. Does it help to massage gently left to right to help things move along? Do go back to your midwife if it continues though!

squizita Mon 16-Jun-14 14:18:54

Yes I have this too (27+4) and have found eating bulky, undigestable food (rich meat etc') makes it worse and gives me reflux so I suspect it's my stomach and various digestive tubes being squashed.
Do see a Dr if it gets bad though.

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