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go in with contractions come out with a kidney infection!

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frankiebuns Sun 15-Jun-14 19:38:49

Seriously fed up I'm 29 + 6 and though today was the day horrendous pain backache etc go in to hospital come out with a kidney infection now I'm on long term antibiotics got the consultant next week do u think if I beg hard enough she will move my c section date forward to 37 weeks, I'm in pain fed up and going to scream this pregnancy is high risk I have a blood disorder high bp high bmi fibromyalgia to name but a few and I have just hit a fibro dip so I'm unable to do anything but lie down in a darkend room and cry, I know that once I have had my little space invader I will be ok but I think I'm going to cry if I have to wait 9 more weeks

Boogles91 Sun 15-Jun-14 21:10:07

Bless ya. I feel your pain, kidneys are a bastard >.< i wish they would take my right one away as it causes me nothing but trouble! It was slowly poisening me towards the day pf hving my nephrostomy tube fitted. This small op set off the most hurrendous contractions and laboir pains, i needed to push woth them and i couldnt else my waters would of broken.....from my experience trust me , you will know when that time comes 0.0 i have m.e so i know how you feel with your fibro relapse. Its annoyin innit! You just have no energy at all to do anything! Im now having to take keep an eye on my bp as i have mild preeclampsia. Its all the wonderful joys of making a little baby, but ive always suffered with my kidneys lol think they felt left out so had to cause me problems -.- loool hope your feeling better soon, i have 5wks left and carnt wait! X

frankiebuns Mon 16-Jun-14 10:31:29

Thankyou I have 9 weeks today but going to beg consultant tomorow if she can bring it forward 2 weeks to 37 which I highly doubt! I'm fed up in pain and to top it all the boilers gone and landlord is refusing to pay for it!

Boogles91 Mon 16-Jun-14 18:05:47

Omg complain! There is help out there but i xant remember what its called >.< m lucky and already been told im aloud an induction and wont be aloud over my duedate! Due to my condition lol so i know i have a definate 5wks left, but i want earlier lik 39wks as it will fall on thes day before my bday :D hehe. Tbh u judt want him out! If i didnt have this stupid tube sticking out ma back i would be fine smile i hope they agree to induction for ya smile x

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