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Test confusion

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nappyaddict Sun 15-Jun-14 18:02:11

I tested on Friday using a promatris one step test (the nhs use these too) with fmu. A couple of seconds before the 10 mins was up I checked and there was a 2nd pink line. It was not as dark as the control line and it was thicker and blurry. I used the same tests and same lot number this morning using fmu and all were negative. Do you think fridays resuts was false or an evaporation line? or could todays all be false negatives despite using tests from the same batch as fridays and testing at a similar time of day?

RAFWife12 Sun 15-Jun-14 18:14:26

How many days late are you?
Evaporation lines tend to be grey, rather than pink.
I had a similar thing happen, unfortunately it didn't turn out well for me. This was the cycle before I conceived this bump! However, on talking to my GP he said false positives never happen, and it was a chemical pregnancy.
If period doesn't show, test in a few days with a first response test.

nappyaddict Sun 15-Jun-14 18:22:04

I don't know. I haven't had a period since August 15th!!

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