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Morning sickness at 33 weeks?

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icklekid Sun 15-Jun-14 16:33:07

Arhh what is going on with posts...Apologies!

Just be greatful it went away...36 weeks and every day/night angry

icklekid Sun 15-Jun-14 16:32:02


icklekid Sun 15-Jun-14 16:31:54

Just b

Redling Sun 15-Jun-14 15:46:00

I'm 31 weeks and am starting to get a bit sick again, not as sick as MS but I tend to have a big throw up every couple of days. I thought it was just my digestion being backed up and reflux etc. I worry each time that it's 'clearing out' though, since my midwife told me about it!

deborah86 Sun 15-Jun-14 15:22:50

My midwife told me this can happen in your third trimester especially if you had it in your first. Just another lovely part of pregnancy

firsttimekat Sun 15-Jun-14 15:17:25

This happened to me, and unfortunately didn't go away until I finished work. Seems so unfair at that stage so you have my sympathy.

Hobby2014 Sun 15-Jun-14 15:06:21

Had morning sickness early on in pregnancy... between about 10 and 15 weeks and then it stopped. Today it's back. 33+3. Is this normal?

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