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20 weeks pregnant and still losing weight

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Lucy955 Sat 14-Jun-14 18:54:48

Sorry I know this is probably the last thing some of you want to hear but i am beginning to worry a bit. During my last pregnancy I had put on the normal amount by now even though I was quite sick. My midwife does not seem to be worried ( I suppose I still have plenty of reserves) but I wondered if anyone else had any experience of anything similar.

I started with a normal bmi of 25 and have now lost 10 pounds dispite my growing bump. I am eating but must admit I find it difficult. It took me over an hour to eat my lunch today. For the first time in my entire life (and after ten years of dieting to stay within a healthy bmi range) I have to really work at eating enough ( madness!! ). Anyone else suffering this bizzar side effect?

Icimoi Sat 14-Jun-14 20:26:45

I lost weight during pregnancy due to constant sickness and indigestion. The medics never seemed to worry about it, probably because, to be fair, I had been overweight to start with. But both I and the baby were fine at the end of it all.

Eastwiththem Sat 14-Jun-14 23:16:46

I have gained weight but not that much. My bump is pretty decent sized but I've noticed my trousers and long sleeved items are getting baggy. Your body will prioritise the baby so as long as you still have some fat on your I wouldn't stress too much. (I started at BMI 25 too and still have plenty of chub on me!)

I'm really struggling to eat too which is very weird, I used to work in the food industry and would eat anything that was put in front of me, today I have had egg on toast, a fruit smoothie, a cheese toastie and a packet of crisps. Normally I'd be desperate for something healthy after all of that but the thought of food is actually making me feel a bit sick confused

icklekid Sun 15-Jun-14 04:29:50

I've put on very little weight due to sickness. ..I would mention the loss to midwife next appointment and see if they are concerned. I kept being told baby will get what it needs first so not to worry about that- we will just be left to suffer the consequences!

purpleapple1234 Sun 15-Jun-14 04:43:40

I stayed the same weight throughout nearly the whole pregnancy. DD was born weighing 3.2 kg which is the lower 3/4 average, but fed like mad after being born untill she went up to the top 1/4 average (if you understand what I mean). So i think that my weight did have an effect but no harm and easily overcome after the birth.

I ate loads, but was working hard. Of course giving up booze had an effect. I did find that it was important when I ate. I needed to eat a lot in the morning or else I would feel too sick to eat more later especially at the beginning of the pregnancy.

CoolCat2014 Sun 15-Jun-14 06:35:59

I lost weight right up to 22 weeks, about 14lbs in total, just from sickness. I was a slightly higher bmi to start with, but I've put it all back on now at 28 wks!

Lucy955 Sun 15-Jun-14 14:36:59

Thanks guys. Just forced down macaroni cheese. Hope it stays down. X

Lucy955 Sun 15-Jun-14 16:19:14


SandorClegane Sun 15-Jun-14 16:27:01

25 is right at the top end of a normal bmi so you're probably ok.

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