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One dark line, one faint line. I'm terrified. And too old! Advice please.

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TumbleweedOnspeed Fri 13-Jun-14 16:37:51

Both my previous two pregnancies were found via poundshop preg test kits. The 'ingredients' are the same as the expensive digital ones, so I've bothered paying more than I need to.

Thing is, this time round, my poundshop test is showing one dark line and one faint. I'm only a day late. I'm also mid Forties and on contraception.

I didn't plan for more children but I won't consider termination. Also, I don't live with my current partner and he doesn't have children and has always said he doesn't want any, but he'd obviously stand by my decision if it ever happened.

The thing is, until about 6 months ago I was desperately broody and wanted a last baby, but since then I've had a complete turnaround and was enjoying looking forward to my kids leaving home and doing some travelling around Europe in my early 60s.

I have only done one test, I'll do another at the doctor's to confirm next week, but whilst my relationship is a good one I'm now terrified my partner is going to think I have let this happen on purpose, because I was so vocal about wanting a baby several months ago.

I admit I have even been lax with my contraception one or two times at most, I'm on the patch and you change it weekly, and once or twice I haven't replaced with the new one until a couple of days after.

Call me stupid, but I honestly thought at our ages and considering it was only those two times, I'd never actually get pregnant. I've been using contraception properly for weeks now, the last time that happened was around two months ago.

So, I suppose I need to know
a) do these kind of lines mean it'highly likely I'm pregnant and
b) how the hell do I tell a man who doesn't want children he's having a baby, particularly when I'm terrified he'll think I've done it 'on purpose'. I can swear on my two children's lives is is not what I wanted to happen.

Please, any views would be so welcome. thanks

Monkeybrain10 Fri 13-Jun-14 16:45:24

I'm 40 and had only a faint line when i did a pg test...i was one day late for period. My doctor never bothered to confirm it...he said positives are never's the negatives which are congratulations! re: your other half...if he's half decent he will get his head round it even if he's shocked at first..he might just need a bit of time. If not then you're better off without him. Good luck!

MrsMaturin Fri 13-Jun-14 16:53:41

I agree. A decent man will be shocked but get a grip. Any other reaction means you're better off a single mum.
Wait till you've been to the GP. Congratulations btw. This isn't what you planned but I'm sure you'll make a great job of being a mum again.

RAFWife12 Fri 13-Jun-14 18:06:39

A faint positive is still a positive! Congratulations!
Were you so vocal with your change of mind about having babies? I'd do another test in a few days and if a darker line, then I would tell him. If he doesn't want to stick around then you are better off without him.

EvilHerbivore Fri 13-Jun-14 18:28:16

How are you feeling 2 hours later OP? Have you told your DP?

catwithflowers Fri 13-Jun-14 18:31:57

Congratulations! How old are you if you don't mind me asking? flowers

catwithflowers Fri 13-Jun-14 18:33:02

Sorry, just re-read your first post and saw mid forties!

TumbleweedOnspeed Fri 13-Jun-14 20:42:41

No evil I haven't told him. I can't until I'm absolutely positive it is a pregnancy ('scuse pun). I'm terrified for the reasons mentioned above. Also, I had a prolapse last time and my stomach muscles went, I've looked 6 months pregnant for the last 5 years, I'm always getting asked if I'm expecting, but I just keep saying I'm fat! So, to be honest, given the resistance last time when I wanted home births and that at age 38 and 40 I was already considered medically ancient, I can just imagine...hang on, I'm already thinking too far ahead.

Naturally I've been googling like mad and this one dark line/one faint line thing does indeed seem to suggest a resounding pregnancy.

RAFwife Yes, I've been pretty vocal about the change of mind last several months. I literally had a personality transplant over it.

I've rung the doctor and they'll do me a test on Monday, results Wednesday. But as with the previous two pregnancies, I won't 'believe' it until the first dating scan.

TumbleweedOnspeed Fri 13-Jun-14 20:46:51

Also, I've been a lone parent since the birth of my youngest five years ago, so I'm not fazed if he cannot cope with this, if it's positive.

Bejesus, I've been looking after my step-niece loads recently and I remember thinking to myself how much harder it is having three kids and how I was so glad I just had two, one of each variety too,and healthy, and I had healthy pregnancies, home birth, I counted my blessings.

And I'm just going back to work after being at home all this time, I'm excited about going back to work. This can't be happening.

EvilHerbivore Fri 13-Jun-14 21:30:43

Ok, try and calm down, deep breaths and maybe a bath or something? No wine but maybe brew?

How old are your other 2 DC? 5 and 7-ish going by your posts (?) so not babies, capable of taking themselves to the toilet and getting a snack from the fridge if they're hungry etc so at least its not 3 "littles" you'd be running after...

Would there be any reason you couldn't have another home birth this time, if that's what you wanted?

It must be harder that this has fallen over the weekend so you can't go to the GP tomorrow? Your mind must be going in circles, keep talking though...

Loveallmyboys Fri 13-Jun-14 21:44:00

I had one dark and a verrrry faint one on several cheapo ones. I got my definite +ve with a first response. Was about £6. Might be worth it if it gives you a definite answer. They're very sensitive. Good luck telling your other half. My baby need went down like a fart in a lift with my bloke. He's come round now though...x

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