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32+6 days into pregnancy measuring 37 weeks

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woodhj Fri 13-Jun-14 16:07:15

3rd baby and always had big babies (9lb2 both) but measuring way ahead of myself. GD test on Monday as extra fluid around baby too.

Any advise on GD or similar experiences of measuring way ahead?

Boogles91 Fri 13-Jun-14 17:31:46

Hey smile ive been.measuring full term since 30wks! Now im measuring 41wks lol im only 35wks! Also since 20wks our lil man has been off the scales, and at our 28wk scan i was found with too much fluod. The consiltants made me have the gtt test again...wich i said i monitor my lvls anyway just incase. All came back fine wich i knew they would :l they cant explain why and were pretty certain i had gd wich peed me off as id already had the test done n made me have it again! At mo my fluids still high and babys still measuring off the scales lol but im not wprried, my midwives have said the only thing that too much fluid means they wont let me go past my due date. As theres some risk to lil babber :s i wouldnt worry aboit measuring ahead though, i have been told that its notaccurate just an estimation. As having too much fluid can make you bigger(im massive) hope this helps smile i think my bodys gearing up btw as i have strange feeling lil mans ready hehe ive already had steroids so i wont be too worried if he comes a bit early as he will have matured enough smile we so cant wait though! X

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