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2nd pregnancy and disabled 1st child. Early induction???

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Passthebiscuitsvicor Thu 12-Jun-14 23:09:31

Apologies if this is long winded..

I'm pregnant with number 2.. It's early days but I'm already feeling physically sick about the baby/childbirth.
Our first is 29 months and such a joy. She has overcome hurdles and continues to prove doctors/family/friends wrong.
She was born at 42 weeks weighing 4lbs 15 so we immediately suspected something was wrong. Our happiness at our new found parenthood was shattered when we learned our darling daughter had an extremely rare condition. She was born without any eyes. I can't begin to explain the rollercoaster of emotion we were forced on but 2 years on we are utterly in love with our girl. She is unbelievable and watching her play with her friends you wouldn't know she is blind.
We always planned for 2 and I know she'd love a sibling. However I'm so anxious about this next baby. If your baby has no eyes it's not just a case of having a blind baby, its a long haul of regular surgeries to stretch the eye sockets, without doing this the head can become deformed and cave in on the brain. Our mite has had 22 surgeries in her little life and I'm unbelievably worried that I couldn't cope with that all again. Deep down I know I would just have to cope anyway but is love to be able to enjoy my baby like everyone else.
I just wonder if I could be induced at 37 weeks? Has anyone been allowed this/heard of this? Scans aren't good at seeing eyes. No amount of scans in the world would reassure me. I just want my baby in my arms so I can enjoy/prepare for life as soon as possible.
I should add my first labour was the worst experience of my life. No pain relief, back to back, forceps, then to top it off I burst in so many directions it took almost 3 hours to stitch me back together.

ilovemonstersInc Thu 12-Jun-14 23:26:00

Sorry didnt want to read and run. Im sure in your situation af 37/38 weeks they would induce x flowers

Scoobsmam13 Fri 13-Jun-14 07:17:24

I don't have any advise either, but your concerns sound more than justified to me so I would hope they would want to put your mind at ease. I guess best to speak to your m/w? x

LBNM19 Fri 13-Jun-14 10:25:01

Hi I'm in a similar situation to you my son was born weighing 4lbs 11oz but at 37 weeks, 5 months after he was born it become apparent there was something wrong, he also has a very rare condition (it's genetic) he can't walk, sit up, has a Tracheostomy etc.

I'm pregnant with baby number 2, however we has a CVS at 11 weeks which confirmed the baby doesn't have the condition. However I'm still worried and don't think I will except it really till he's here.

I've been to see a consultant, because my son can't be left with anyone but trained nurses (or me and my partner) and obviously we will both be at the birth, so essentially we need to try and organise. The hospital have been very understanding and are giving me my csection date earlier then they usually would and I'm having a csection at 39 weeks.

They couldn't induce me because i ended up with an emergency c section as the labour didn't progress with my first son.

I'm sure if you speak to someone about your concerns they will accommodate you as best they can xx

Passthebiscuitsvicor Fri 13-Jun-14 14:53:24

Its a worrying time. Glad you are getting your section early but 39 weeks will still feel like a lifetime away to me as I'm sure it will to you. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy x

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