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No early scan when pregnant after previous mmc - what to do?

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GandTnow Thu 12-Jun-14 13:45:48

Just after some advice and perhaps some experiences. I had a MMC last November (baby had died at 8 weeks and we found out at 12 weeks scan) and was told at the time that if I did get pregnant again I would be able to have a reassurance scan.

Found out a few days ago that I'm pregnant and so phone the GP to say could I please see the MW early to get the ball rolling. I was called back this afternoon by the MW who said that my booking in appointment would be when I'm 9 weeks and that she couldn't offer me an early scan unless I had bleeding.

Just don't know what to do - I think we might get a private scan, but it just makes me feel crap that this early on we're being misled.

Anyone have anything similar happen to them? Any tips?


squizita Thu 12-Jun-14 14:01:01

Congrats! smile

That would be the standard advice - the reason being that you are no more likely to MC as a woman who has never had one (the odds only rise after 3 or 4 consecutive losses). So emotionally it is tough, but clinically it is good news.

If you feel anxious a private viability scan should be easy to get hold of.

There is a pregnancy after miscarriage thread on here, feel free to join for advice and support. smile

SomeSunnySunday Thu 12-Jun-14 14:12:38

I think it varies by area. I had no issues getting a reassurance scan at 8 weeks following my miscarriages. I made my appointment directly with the EPU (I had seen the GP, but he'd advised me to call the EPU directly) - can you phone yours?

GandTnow Thu 12-Jun-14 18:09:28

Thanks for the replies, the MW said that she'd get back to me (but hasn't!) and I asked if I could phone the EPU myself and she said no sad. Wouldn't have been asking if we hadn't been told we could have one. I had a mc with my first pregnancy but was told there wouldn't be a scan because of the need for three in a row. But with this one we were told there would be a reassuance scan available.

I'm sure I'm just getting this out of proportion because I feel I need to try and be in control of this as much as possible to stave off The Fear grin

Bambamb Thu 12-Jun-14 18:14:30

This was the same for me so may well be fairly standard, although I can understand your anxiety. I was also told I could have one after my first miscarriage but turned out I couldn't. My GP was quite surprised and disappointed for me as he thought he'd be able to arrange it.
I feel for you, it is so hard not to worry. You could always pay for a private scan (we did this after my second miscarriage for my subsequent successful pregnancy). But other than that it's just a waiting game.
Just remember a scan won't change anything, nothing you do will, what will be will be. You just have to try to think positively and hope that this time it will happen for you (which statistically speaking it most likely will).

SueDNim Thu 12-Jun-14 18:55:54

Why not phone the EPU and ask. You don't need her permission to do it. Women often see MW as gatekeepers to maternity services, but you may be able to bypass her.

StrawberryMojito Thu 12-Jun-14 19:06:43

I am going to have a private scan next week (will be 8 weeks) as we had a lot of trouble conceiving dc2 and I feel quite anxious. It is costing us £85 which isn't cheap but not extortionate either if it provides peace of mind (or worst case scenario, identifies any problems early).

Incidentally, I suffered with bad one-sided pain in my first pregnant, I went direct to EPU who gave me an early scan to rule out ectopic. Your midwife can't tell you who you can and can't ring.

Boogles91 Thu 12-Jun-14 19:14:34

I got mine by tellin a lil white lie lol when i mc, i had to ha e a scan to make sure everything has expelled how it should. Woch it did and when we found out our lil man had plantted himself in my tummy this time round i told my doc that the epau told me i could have an early scan all i have to do is intruct my doc to book the appointment. So you could try going through ur doc rarther than.a midwife. And jus say something along those lines :p x

sisterofcaleb Thu 12-Jun-14 20:02:23

Where do you live OP? I am in London, and the three hospitals surrounding me all have different EPU policies. You can self refer to some and not others. If there is only one you near you then it is definitely worth ringing them up I think. They may well tell you what the midwife / GP have said but no harm in trying.

Hope you have a uneventful pregnancy. Congratulations.

MrsFtn Thu 12-Jun-14 20:40:14

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I had two miscarriages and am now almost 16 weeks pregnant. I was a wreck at the beginning at went to see my GP and promptly burst in to tears and begged them to call EPU and at least ask for a scan. She said they are unlikely without pain or bleeding but said she would try. Lo and behold I did get one. I think if you have a GP that will fight for you you may be able to get a referral from them like I did. I was particularly worried because I didn't have any pregnancy symptoms.

As others have said there is no law against you ringing them yourself and explaining the situation. They may have a cancellation or a quiet day when they can fit you in (I think this was the case with me).

Good luck and wishing you an uneventful pregnancy!

HazzaB89 Thu 12-Jun-14 20:41:38

I'm in Gloucestershire and had an ectopic pregnancy last year. When i got pregnant with this baby, I assumed I would get an early scan to rule out another ectopic. Nope! I did actually bleed at 9 weeks so had a scan but if it wasn't for that, i wouldn't have been scanned until 12 weeks.

GandTnow Fri 13-Jun-14 08:54:27

Thank you so much for sharing all your experiences. I mananged to stop panicing a bit last night I think that I'll book a private scan for 8 - 9 weeks if nothing comes from NHS.

It just seems like such a long time to wait!

GandTnow Fri 13-Jun-14 09:01:37

Squizita could you please give me the name of the thread, can't find it! blush!

squizita Fri 13-Jun-14 09:31:53

Alita7 Fri 13-Jun-14 09:40:18

I had an mmc then with this pregnancy spotting from week 6-7 so I had an early scan and all was well.
But with my mmc baby measured 9+ 4 and I found out at my scan which was at 13 weeks.
So having a heart beat at a scan at 6+ 5 didn't help my anxiety about later on. I had the agonising wait from 9 weeks til my scan at 12 weeks, though I was reassured by my many symptoms and mini bump forming, last time all symptoms had gone by 10 weeks.
I had my scan and there was a very active perfect little one who looked absolutely fine :D
I am now 19 + 1 and eagerly awaiting my next scan at exactly 20 weeks!!

Just wanted to let you know that all that worrying and panicking is worth it and that one mmc doesn't mean it will happen again. There is nothing like the relief felt when you see your baby wriggling smile

Hazchem Fri 13-Jun-14 10:25:31

My last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. I know it's not for everyone but I turned down an early scan basically I know within myself the terror of waiting to find out if it is ok would be too much. I decided I would rather wait. because at the moment I know the baby is fine because no one has said otherwise. I understand I'm a bit unusual in this respect but wanted to share another way of looking at it.
I'm 15 weeks now and all is good so far you only have a 20 week scan here so have a while to go before that.

Lauren82000 Fri 13-Jun-14 10:46:24

I had a mc last month and now I'm pregnant again. No period inbetweenblush By my guess I'm 4+5 I just went to the docs and the best I got for reassurance was a blood test. He was really good though and let me fill in the self referal form for the mw. Once my results come in the mw will ring me and I've been promised an early booking appointment. If I hadn't gone and asked I might of had to wait till I was 9-10 weeks for my booking appointment now I won't have to wait as long and I may just get an earlier scan date.

Like others have said if you don't ask you can't get. Have you tried going to you gp and getting a blood test to check your levels? Its not as good as a scan but at least you know your body is doing what its supposed to do.

27mummmy2boys Fri 13-Jun-14 11:09:29

I would lie and say your having terrible pains and get an early scan that way. It is terrible they not letting you have a reassurance scan xx

27mummmy2boys Fri 13-Jun-14 11:10:21

I would lie and say your having terrible pains and get an early scan that way. It is terrible they not letting you have a reassurance scan xx

GandTnow Fri 13-Jun-14 14:13:10

The MW said she would get back to me on Monday so I'll wait and see what happens. it is good to know that I'm not alone in this, so thank you all.

Bambamb Tue 17-Jun-14 21:41:55

Best of luck. X

Mummytobeforthefirsttime Tue 17-Jun-14 22:51:08

Hi I've had 5 miscarriages, the first one like yours was MMC for the next two, I had paid for my own scans privately. Although it is easy to lie and say you have pains etc, it is an over stretched service, I only went to the epu after i was diagnosed with failed pregnancies first. For pregnancies 4 and 5 I was referred to St. Mary's and had several early scans but still miscarried both pregnancies despite seeing heartbeats at 7 weeks, I actually view scans with a hint of trepidation as I had bad news on so many of them. In this pregnancy I am now 34 weeks, and I had scans from 6 weeks until 13 weeks, fortnightly to ensure the baby was growing. I've also had two extra scans at 28 weeks and this week to check progress. I know my case of recurrent miscarriages isn't as common and you are more than likely after one to have a healthy pregnancy.

The epus policies vary from region to region with some only allowing referrals from GPs or midwives and other allowing patients to book scans. There are many private scanning places, if you shop around you can get a scan for less than £50.

Halfpastthelegofmyshirt Wed 18-Jun-14 19:59:23

I'm with Hazchem - my first pregnancy was a mmc at 10 weeks. With my second I took the attitude that even if I had a scan with heartbeat at 8 weeks then something might still go wrong between then and 12 weeks. Fortunately all was well at 12 weeks and I have a baby. I'm now pregnant again and will wait again for 12 weeks. I'm trying to enjoy being pregnant and have told myself if something goes wrong I'll deal with it then.

Hope all goes well whatever you choose to do!

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