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Morning sickness.. the 5am hobnob.

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confettiwoman Thu 12-Jun-14 10:07:12

Recently discovered i'm preg and at about 5 weeks now, morning sickness has already kicked in! Wasnt this early last time (but that preg ended with mc at 9 weeks).
Currently battling the nausea with a hobnob at 5am to try and keep my GI index constant. Its stopped the sickness but now just nauseous ALL the damn time :-(

bellaboo88 Fri 13-Jun-14 08:26:12

Hope your OK confetti, I'm not far behind you & I will regret saying this but I would love more symptoms! Just to know beans in there!

I don't need to pee & I'm not even that hungry! Xx

Monkeybrain10 Fri 13-Jun-14 08:56:10

I had this too...i literally ate my way through it.. Like u it included waking in the night and having to eat! I also had a previous now 38 weeks so hopefully the nausea is a good sign! Good luck and eat whatever helps (strangely i found salt and vinegar crisps and strawberries were good!)

Bonniebaby777 Fri 13-Jun-14 10:05:19

Congratulations smile

I think I'm around 7 weeks (midwife thinks more due to LMP date, but we'll have to wait for scan to know for sure!).

Started getting morning sickness about a week ago (just all day nausea, no vomiting thankfully). I've found Nairns stem ginger oat biscuits very helpful for the nausea and I don't normally like ginger much.

Also just discovered that roibos tea seems to help. It tastes like regular tea but is naturally sweeter/less bitter, it doesn't brew as strong so you might need 2 teabags to get a good tea flavour. It also doesn't have caffeine which is a bonus.

I've just found that puy lentils (aka lentille verts) are helpful for me too (probably because they're low GI), they're the small green lentils you can find in the whole foods section of Tescos. They need to be rinsed and then boiled/simmered for 1-3 hours, depending on how soft you like them. I like mine to turn into mush so cook them for 3 hours, then add olive oil, lemon juice, herbs and lot of salt smile Good way to sneak in some protein! I can only have a little at a time though, usually with some mashed potatoes. Lots of sea salt seems to help me with the nausea too. Most of my cravings are for salty foods! Today I want potato waffles and hula hoops :D

Fresh lemon juice in apple juice, diluted a bit with water is another thing I find helpful.

Fruit ice lollies help too, the coldness seems to stave off nausea for an hour or so.

Good luck! Morning sickness seems so individual, what works for one person may not for another!

Bonniebaby777 Fri 13-Jun-14 10:12:14

p.s. just a note to add, if you're not used to eating lentils and try them for the first time, only have a little, as you may get gassy/bloated until you're used to eating them. I'm used to eating lentils so am usually ok, but can get a bit bloaty if I don't cook them for long enough - another reason to cook them for yonks (the longer the better!). I'd also say avoid canned lentils, they can taste metallic and are usually not cooked well so can land you in bloats-ville :D

confettiwoman Sun 15-Jun-14 17:01:19

bella it was like someone flicking a switch! Last saturday nothing, last sunday bleurgh...

bonnie thank you for the lentils recipe, I do like lentils so will give that a go.

In other news managed to have a sick free morning! 2 custard creams right before bed then an oatcake at some ungodly hour (it was dark so that narrows it down to somewhere between 11pm and 4am, and hey presto! Managed a slice of buttered toast.

But in a way I'm enjoying the morning sickness, its a reminder that things are ok, I never had sickness last year with the preg that ended in mc, so I'm happy that my hormones are functioning right !

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